Digital: 3348 voters chose the 6 Top of the Pid 2023

Award winners promoted by Chambers of Commerce's Punto Impresa Digitale at Maker Faire today

Economy - published on 23 October 2023

Source: Unioncamere press office



Rome, Oct. 20, 2023 – A system for recovering the precious materials of lithium batteries; a platform for inclusive Smart City ; an entirely “virtual” warehouse; a cloud-based Pos system; a platform that, through Metaverso, promotes village tourism; and a coordination system (obviously digital) for development programs for electric or hydrogen-powered aircraft.

These, in brief, are the six projects awarded at the Top of the Pid, the initiative promoted by Unioncamere and Dintec, with the network of PIDs – Punti Impresa Digitale of the Chambers of Commerce, to give visibility to innovative digital transition initiatives and projects. The awards ceremony takes place today as part of Maker Faire, the event dedicated to technological innovation promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

A total of 147 applications were received for this edition of the Award, for the six areas identified: Sustainability; Social; Smart and Advanced Manufacturing; Services and Commerce; Tourism; and New Business Models 4.0.

Although the largest number of applications came from the Northeastern regions (50), it is among businesses in the South of Italy (the second geographical area in the ranking in terms of ideas submitted for the award) that as many as four of this year’s six winners were identified. Veneto and Lombardy, however, are the regions from which the largest number of applications were received (43 and 21, respectively), with Treviso and Verona alone accounting for 22.

More than half of the 147 ideas came from companies in the service sector and only in one out of five cases from women’s businesses. Finally, sustainability was the area that received the most nominations (29%), followed by Services and Commerce (24%) and New Business Models 4.0 (18%).

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