Diversity Management and Integration: customised training for Veneto companies

Events - published on 25 June 2021

Source: press office Ministry of the Interior
The project “DimiCome – Diversity Management and Integration. The skills of migrants in the labour market“, financed by the Ministry of the Interior and developed by the University of Verona
together with five Italian partners (including Unioncamere) and five foreign bodies, aims to promote the economic integration of migrants through the enhancement of their peculiarities and
, maximising their positive impact on business competitiveness, by offering Veneto companies interested in participating a customised training.
The project also benefits from the collaboration of Unioncamere Veneto and intends to contribute not only to the support of migrants’ employability in the short term, but also to the
renewal of the Italian integration model, making it more consistent with the need for sustainability in the long term:
– An inclusive transformation of labour market organisations, towards a greater propensity to recruit migrant workers on the basis of their specific skills and to strategically incentivise the
expression of the diversity of human resources;
– Strengthening, among the actors involved in labour market governance, the capacity to recognise and enhance the potential of migrant workers, in terms of competences and in particular of soft
skills linked to the migration experience.
Requirements to participate in the project
– To be an organisation with at least one operational unit in Veneto (it is not compulsory that the registered office is located in Veneto);
– Already employing workers of foreign origin or ready to welcome them in the future, also through dedicated programmes (e.g. internships activated in collaboration with SIPROIMI);
– Have the intention to invest/improve in diversity.
The project activities include a capacity-building action aimed at co-designing policies and strategies for managing (also with a view to enhancing) the cultural diversity among its workers. This
is a free assistance service to be structured approximately in 3 meetings of 2 hours each.
The work sessions will take place online via the Zoom platform and may be aimed at various company figures (top management, human resources, supervisors, department heads, union representatives,
workers, etc.) and, depending on the target audience and the course agreed with the company, will explore the philosophy, processes and tools of Diversity Management.
Timeframe: the assistance programme should be completed by 30 October (timetable customised with each participating company). We therefore invite you to express your interest in
participating, if possible by 30 July.
For further information on the project and to send your expression of interest in participating, please use the following addresses:
Giulia Selmigiulia.selmi@univr.it, Tel. 347-1346652

Giorgio Gosettigiorgio.gosetti@univr.it

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