Dolomiti Extreme Trail 2023: end of the year with change of altitude

The event is scheduled from 9 to 11 June

Sport - published on 29 December 2022

Source: Press office Dolomiti Extreme Trail

The Val di Zoldo event, scheduled from 9 to 11 June, has exceeded 700 entries, from 32 nations.

Partnership with Karpos and Enervit

Val di Zoldo (Dolomites Bellunesi), 28 December 2022 – Registration for the tenth edition of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail, the Val di Zoldo event that will take place from 9 to 11 June,
continues at a steady pace. The possibility of joining the event, which has become a fixed appointment at the beginning of the summer in the Dolomites Bellunesi, opened on 1 October, and in three
months more than 700 competitors have registered (a higher number than last year during the same period), coming from 32 nations. More than half are Italians. Among the foreigners, the most
numerous at the moment are the French, with over seventy entries, followed by Poles and Dutch, with over thirty entries.

Until 31 December, the registration fee will be “lighter”. From 1 January, the “normal” step will be taken, which will be valid until 28 February: the cost will be 160 euros for the 103 K
(with 7,150 metres of positive height difference and the same amount of negative height difference), 130 euros for the 72 K (5,550 metres of height difference), 110 euros for the 55 K (3,800 metres
of height difference), 40 euros for the 22 K (1,300 metres of height difference) and 28 euros for the 11 K (700 metres of height difference).

Among the novelties of the 2023 edition is the agreement made with Karpos, the brand of Manifattura Valcismon dedicated to the outdoors. The Feltre company will sign the technical prize that will
go to the finishers of the three longest races, namely the 103 K, the 72 K and the 55 K.

Another important partnership has also been confirmed, that with Enervit, the food supplement brand that will support the Dxt athletes along all the race routes.

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