Dynamics of Treviso and Belluno industry in the 4°quarter 2017

Sprint of the manufactory sector in the last part of 2017, pushed by foreign orders and investment goods demand.

Economy - published on 09 March 2018


In Treviso a variation of production’s trend of +7% has been not registered since late 2010.
In Belluno there is a strong increase of foreign orders (+13,6%). Nevertheless, on the average trend in production and turnover, closed to immobility, weight on some negative businesslike
The last part of 2017 has been very positive for the Venetian manufactory industry. The production is growing of +6,2% in comparison to the IV quarter 2016, and the turnover scores +6,8%.

“Things were even more better in Treviso Province – underlines the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza – : in the fourth quarter the production has grown of +7,1% on
trend basis, a dynamic that has been not registered since 2010. At that time, there were just illusory bounces, before falling into a second long recessive phase until 2015. Nowadays, all
indicators contribute in strengthening the growth rate, driven by the international demand and the investments cycle. Indeed, the operating assets and intermediary goods industries are taking
advantage of it”.
“What is emerging from these latest data, which is a pleasure – adds Pozza – is that growth finally regards not only a restricted part of economy. More than 60% of Treviso enterprises sample
(namely 240 companies employing almost 12.500 operators) shows increasing production and turnover rates in all size classes”.
“Indicators are basically positive in Belluno as well, in particular referring to orders amount, driven by eyewear and engineering sectors that have sustained also the employment trend of the
territory. Nevertheless, some companies still present critical situations that, in a restricted sample like Belluno, influence significantly the average trends of the Province. This is the reason
why the production and turnover variations are almost at a steady state. I can however confirm that the scenario is positive – says President Pozza – because if we consider the companies that have
declared increasing or decreasing indicators, those presenting increasing ones are almost 50%, both in 5-9 and 10-49 operators’ size classes. Critical situations regard just some medium

“Previsions for 2018 start are inspired by optimism, both in Belluno and Treviso. This is a situation – says Pozza – which we definitely must capitalize for the productive and organizational
capacity renewal. As already highlighted by national analysis, in our territory there are some mismatches between demand and industrial capacity as well (the number of days guaranteed by orders
portfolio increases from 46 to 54 in the last quarter) that can generate pressure on prices and slow down the expansion. Moreover, we know that at macroeconomic level, the start of inflation
dynamics will conduct BCE to revise its monetary policy in a less expansive way, and the consequences for Italy will not be positive”.
“Thus, in order to follow a market that is growing, we have to work on different levels: on system competitiveness for sure (less tax burden, more efficient public administrations), but on internal
competitiveness of enterprises as well, that means to work especially on those enabling factors (digitalization) that allow the best synchronicity between iper-segmented demand and productive

Complete analysis of the indicator for manufactory sector in Treviso Province

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