Easter as a great opportunity for the artisan confectionery sector

Treviso is first in Veneto for the number of artisan bakeries and second in the entire confectionery sector. The difficulties in finding labour is holding back the sector Oscar Bernardi, president of Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana: "Jobs in the entire sector have contracted by 0.3% in one year due to a lack of personnel, which is why we have long been committed to attracting young people to these professions".

Economy - published on 29 March 2024


Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana

In the run-up to Easter, the Marca Trevigiana is the Veneto region’s leader in artisan bakeries. There are 265 of them, 81.3% of the entire sector in the province. Considering the entire confectionery sector, Treviso ranks second in the region, with its 566 artisan enterprises out of the total 695, or 81.4%.

“During Easter week, the consumption of traditional products and in particular those of the confectionery sector, a sector with a high craft vocation, come to the fore,” says Oscar Bernardi, president of Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana. “Master pastry chefs, bakers and pasta makers are an excellence that cannot be lost. Unfortunately, the shortage of skilled labour has already begun to affect the trend in the number of artisan workers’.
The confectionery sector in the province employs 1,502 people, with a decrease between September 2022 and 2023 of 2.8%, which was only partly offset by confectioneries, which, with 1,111 employees, recorded a 3.3% increase in employment. Jobs in the entire sector contracted in one year by 0.3%.

“According to a recent study conducted by Unione Italiana Food,” continues president Oscar Bernardi, “20.7% of Italian families prefer artisan products for Easter sweets. On the other hand, the biodiversity of Veneto’s agri-food production, which has a high artisan vocation, is declined in as many as 403 traditional agri-food products, characterised by processing, preservation and seasoning methods that have been consolidated over time”.

The data from the Marca Trevigiana, in fact, photograph an artisan sector that covers all areas of demand. Taking the lion’s share are the 263 ice cream parlours and pastry shops that employ 1,111 people. This is followed by fresh bakery products with 230 companies and 1,114 employees, fresh pastries with 34 companies and 174 employees, the 12 companies that produce bread with 56 employees, the production of rusks 11 companies and 87 employees, the production of cocoa, chocolate, candies and jams with 9 companies and 33 employees, and finally the 5 ice cream producers that employ 38 people.

“It is in order to keep this heritage alive,” Oscar Bernardi concludes, “that Confartigianato has long been committed to bringing young people closer to the sector, showing them what the most attractive elements are. Easter is a festivity that reminds us how much the artisan food product is also part of the rituality linked to the tradition of celebrating a holiday. A ritual closely linked to the cultural heritage that identifies our territory’.

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