Electronic invoicing: dedicated assistance and training with the free service of the Chambers of Commerce

Easier and safer to fulfil new obligations for those operating under the flat-rate scheme

Economy - published on 07 July 2022

Source: InfoCamere press office
Rome, 7 July 2022 – The perimeter of the subjects required to use electronic invoicing is expanding, and the Chambers of Commerce are relaunching their free service fatturaelettronica.infocamere.it, which has
been available to businesses for some years now, thanks to a revamped website with dedicated assistance and training services, with an eye on the smallest and least structured and on integration
with other digital tools for business management.
As of 1 July, the electronic invoice requirement also came into effect for taxpayers operating under the flat-rate regime, as established by Article 18 of Decree Law No. 36 of 30 April 2022
(‘Further Urgent Measures for the Implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’) and involving approximately one million micro-businesses and VAT numbers that had hitherto been
Precisely because of the small operational size of these operators, the service provided by the Chambers of Commerce presents itself as an opportunity to easily and cost-free comply with the
, while discovering the advantages of digital for one’s own business.
Electronic invoicing is one of the digital services implemented by the Chambers of Commerce, modulated with particular attention to the needs of small businesses, to facilitate the inclusion of
SMEs in digital transformation processes. Precisely in this logic, the use of the electronic invoicing service has been integrated with the entrepreneur’s digital drawer www.impresa.italia.it, the application thanks to which every Italian entrepreneur can access all the public documents of his company free of
charge – also on the move.
Simple, free and compliant. These are the salient features of the electronic invoicing service of the Chambers of Commerce, which – in addition to sending and receiving invoices to PAs, businesses
and final consumers and storing them in compliance with regulations for 10 years, free of charge and without limits, in accordance with the rules defined in the CAD (Digital Administration
Code) – allows

the independent management of the invoices themselves, which can also be imported from other management systems and passed on to third parties (e.g. one’s own accountant)

the delegation of the compilation, reception and signing of invoices to a collaborator or to one’s own professional

consultation of invoices sent and received also from the Entrepreneur’s Digital Drawer impresa.italia.it.

A dedicated assistance service supports entrepreneurs from the website in using the various functions available. Secure access is guaranteed by SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) or
CNS (Carta Nazionale dei Servizi). To obtain the CNS and to legally sign their invoices, businesses can contact the Chamber of Commerce or request online ID InfoCamere, the Signature with CNS, on
the id.infocamere.it website.

Born from the collaboration between Unioncamere and Agenzia per l’Italia digitale and implemented by InfoCamere, the Chambers of Commerce service is part of the measures to
support SMEs, as provided for by Ministerial Decree of 3 April 2013 number 55 and Legislative Decree 127 of 5 August 2015.

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