Employment: 494,000 jobs expected by companies in May (+5.8%) and 1.6m by July

South Italy and Islands lead the way with 140,000 expected entries (+11.9%)

Economy - published on 11 May 2024


Source: Unioncamere press office

Rome, 9 May 2024 – Just under 494 thousand employment contracts (lasting more than one month or permanent contract.) were scheduled by companies in May and almost 1.6 million for the May-July quarter, with an increase in demand for labour of around 27 thousand units compared to May 2023 (+5.8%) and almost 35 thousand units over the corresponding quarter (+2.2%).
The industry sector as a whole schedules more than 136 thousand entries in the month and more than 410 thousand in the quarter, up 3.5% and 2.4% respectively from a year ago. Service companies are looking for 357 thousand workers in the month and around 1.2m in the quarter, up 6.7% and 2.2% respectively compared to the same period in 2023. The South and Islands the most dynamic territorial area with 140 thousand contracts expected. Outlining this scenario is the Bulletin of the Excelsior Information System, produced by Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies [1].

In May, the manufacturing sector was looking for 85 thousand workers, rising to 262 thousand in the quarter.
Those offering the most job opportunities are the mechatronics industries (22 thousand contracts to be activated in the month and 65 thousand in the quarter), followed by those of metallurgy (16 thousand in the month and 48 thousand in the quarter), agri-food (12 thousand in the month and 45 thousand in the quarter) and fashion (10 thousand in the month and 29 thousand in the quarter). The building sector, on the other hand, plans 51 thousand entries for the month and 148 thousand entries in the quarter. Also of note, also thanks to the imminent summer season, is the demand for work in the tourism sector with 119 thousand job opportunities offered in the month and 405 thousand in the May-July quarter. Finally, there are many job opportunities offered by commerce with 69 thousand planned entries in the month and 220 thousand in the quarter. Next come personal services (around 53 thousand contracts in the month and 188 thousand in the quarter) and operational support services for companies and individuals (39 thousand in the month and 125 thousand in the quarter).

The mismatch between labour demand and supply remains high: in May, 48.2% of the professional profiles sought were difficult to find, a difficulty mainly related to the lack of candidates, with about 238,000 job positions at risk of remaining unfilled.

Among the most difficult profiles to find are specialised blue-collar workers such as textile and garment industry machinery operators (78.9% are difficult to find), specialised construction finishing workers (76.9%), blacksmiths and toolmakers (76.8%), foundry workers, welders, tinsmiths, boilermakers, and metal carpentry fitters (73.5%). The difficulty in finding suitable candidates for goods and services process management technicians (68.5%), engineering technicians (64.7%), health technicians (62.1%) and engineers (58.8%) was also high.

The demand for immigrant workers has remained substantially stable compared to 12 months ago at 19.7% of the total (97,000 recruitments). The demand for foreign workers is mainly concentrated in operational support services for companies and individuals (32.6% of recruitments), transport, logistics and storage services (30.6%), metallurgy (23.4%), construction (23.1%) and tourism (20.2%). At a territorial level, after the most lively companies in the South and Islands (+15 thousand, +11.9%) follows the North-West (7 thousand, +5.5%), Centre (3 thousand, +3.3%) and North-East (1.6 thousand +1.4%).

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