Employment: 566,000 hires expected by companies in June and almost 1.4m by August

Expectations for the South and Islands are positive, supported by construction and trade; the slowdown in manufacturing continues, especially in the North East

Economy - published on 12 June 2024


Source: Unioncamere press office

Rome, 11 June 2024 – Around 566,000 job opportunities were offered by companies in June, rising to almost 1.4 million in the June-August quarter, with a trend that is almost stable compared to June 2023 (-0.3%) and a slight increase over the corresponding quarter (+0.6%). In the month, the best dynamics were recorded in construction (+16.6%), trade (+10.5%) and advanced services (+11.5%). On the other hand, manufacturing declined (-5.6%). Also in June, 47.6% of the profiles sought were difficult to find (+1.6 p.p. compared to the previous year). Outlining this scenario is the Bulletin of the Excelsior Information System, produced by Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies [1].

This month, the manufacturing sector is looking for a total of 84 thousand workers in June and 223 thousand in the quarter. The largest job opportunities are offered by the mechatronics industries, which are looking for 21 thousand workers in the month and 55 thousand in the quarter, followed by the metal and metal products industries (15 thousand in the month and 39 thousand in the quarter) and the food, beverages and tobacco industries (13 thousand in the month and 46 thousand in the quarter). On the other hand, demand for labour from the construction sector stood at almost 52 thousand hires in June and over 130 thousand in the quarter. On the other hand, 430,000 job contracts were offered by the services sector this month and over 1 million are expected in the June-August quarter. It is tourism that offers the most employment opportunities with approximately 161 thousand workers sought in the month and 351 thousand in the quarter, followed by trade (76 thousand in the month and 190 thousand in the quarter) and the personal services sector (71 thousand in the month and 169 thousand in the quarter).

From a territorial standpoint, Southern Italy recorded the most consistent tendential balance (+3.8 thousand over June and +19 thousand over the quarter) supported, in particular, by the positive trend in construction and trade; the downturn in manufacturing penalised the other geographical areas, especially the North-East (a total of -4.4 thousand in the month and -10.3 thousand in the quarter); more stable, compared to a year ago, were the North-West and the Centre.

The greatest opportunities are reported by medium-sized companies with about 196 thousand contracts expected in June.

There are approximately 270,000 recruitments for which companies have stated that they have encountered difficulties in finding the right profile. The Excelsior Information System’s Job Marketplace indicates that among the technical and highly specialised professions, engineering technicians are the most difficult to find, with 66.7 per cent, followed by goods and services production process management technicians (58.5 per cent), commercial distribution technicians (58, 1%), and IT engineers and technicians (both 56.7%), while among the specialised workers, founders, welders, tinsmiths, boilermakers, metal carpentry fitters (75.1%), specialised construction finishing workers (73.1%) and blacksmiths toolmakers (70.2%) stand out. Machine workers in the textile and garment industry (76.3%) are also hard to find.

The demand for immigrant workers remains high, although slightly down from last year, with 104,000 planned entries in the month, equal to 18.4% of the total. Among the sectors that make most use of foreign labour are operational support services for companies and individuals (34.3% of planned entries will be covered by immigrant personnel), transport, logistics and storage services (28.4%), metallurgy (22.6%) and construction (21.8%).

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