Enterprises’ demography in Treviso and Belluno Provinces in II quarter 2017. Comment of the Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza

In the two Provinces continues, slowly reducing, the contraction trend of the number of enterprises, on annual basis. Artisanship is still suffering. Positive conjuncture variations, but just for the usual administrative effects.

Economy - published on 26 July 2017

The number of companies on annual basis is still decreasing. On June 30th 2017, in Treviso Province there are 79.770 active enterprises (-256 in comparison to 12 months before, -0,3%); in Belluno
they are 14.436 (-61 in comparison to June 2016).

In the artisanship sector is worse: in Treviso there is a decrease of -296 artisanship companies in comparison to the situation in June 2016; in Belluno the decrease is of -68 companies.
This analysis, looking at the overall data, derives from a compensation between sectors that present opposite trends. The farming companies grow in Treviso on annual basis (+139, +1,0%), and the
same for services to persons (+118), services to companies (+28) and hosting and food service activities (+28). The trend has an opposite sign in the building sector (-264), sales (-241, of that
-174 in retail sector), manufacturing (-91): in manufacturing and building sectors focuses the decrease of the artisanship companies, adding also the transportation sector.

In Belluno the sectoral trends are the same, with different figures and some peculiarities: on annual basis increase services to companies (+21), hosting and food services (+20), services to
persons (+17); a little bit less than observed in Treviso Province in the agriculture sector (+12, +0,6%). Building sector is decreasing (-56), sales (-53) and manufacturing (-19) with similar
trends of Treviso.

“To be observed – says the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza – how in the two Provinces the contraction trend has a little bit reduced this year, in
comparison to the situation in June 2016, where in Treviso the companies loss on annual basis was -686 and in Belluno -166.
It is not relevant to emphasise the quarterly data. For sure, referring to March there are +369 companies in Treviso and +89 in Belluno, but the second quarter is always characterized by a
recovering enterprises’ demography, in comparison to the quarters over the year where the closedowns prevail.

Only in the future we could say if this quarterly jump, a little bit stronger than last year, will contribute to bring the trend in the positive sign. Without deluding ourselves that is
suddenly easy to develop new entrepreneurship.

It is good – says President Pozza – and it is reinforcing the growth trend of network contracts, one of the schemes that foster the aggregation between companies. Referring to the
situation at the beginning of the year, there are 153 network contracts in Treviso (+28) that involve 367 companies (+59). In Belluno there are 29 network contracts (+10) that involve 96
enterprises (+51 in comparison to the beginning of the year). Treviso – concludes Pozza – is the third Venetian Province (and the 17th in Italy) for the number of companies that have
signed a network contract. Veneto Region, with 1927 companies that have signed network contracts, is the second Italian Region, just following Lombardy.

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