EU funding to help 14 top-class innovative projects enter the market faster

Economy - published on 10 August 2018
Source: European Commission Press Office
The European Commission will support 14 top-class projects to bring their innovations faster onto the market under the Fast Track to Innovation scheme of the European Innovation Council (EIC)pilot. Projects selected for funding include a recycling technology to introduce rubber from ‘end-of-life’ tyres
into production lines, a system to treat persistent atrial fibrillation, and an artificial intelligence tool that improves video quality and limits internet traffic in video streaming.
The Fast Track to Innovation scheme targets radically new, breakthrough products, services, processes or business models that open up new markets. It offers up to €3 million per project to
consortia composed of 3 to 5 partners including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), industrial participants, research centers, universities, and other actors as incubators, investors, and
the public sector. The scheme is for relatively mature groundbreaking technologies, concepts and business models that are close to the market. The participants also have access to free business coaching and acceleration services.
The 14 beneficiary projects involve 59 partners, including SMEs, industrial partners, universities and non-profit organisations, from 18 countries. You can find more information, including names of
projects and countries, and amount of funding, in a press release and the map of beneficiaries.

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