EU packaging regulation: Tiberto, “May scuttle the recycling system of which Veneto is a leader and entire supply chains. Europe must reassess”

The appeal of the President of the Gruppo Gomma Plastica of Confindustria Veneto Est to the Government and Europarliamentarians in view of the conclusion of EU negotiations on March 4. A sector in Veneto with 26,800 employees and 7.8 billion in revenues, leader in packaging circularity, is at risk.

Courses and conferences - published on 21 February 2024

Source: press office Confindustria Veneto Est

Thursday, Feb. 22 in Treviso a conference on the impact of the new EU regulation on manufacturers

and users of packaging, in collaboration with Confindustria and Unionplast

(Padua-Treviso-Venice-Rovigo – 20.02.2024) – As in a game of the goose, between openings and backward steps, the proposed EU Regulation on packaging agitates entrepreneurs for “the strong fears of irreversible prejudices for our economy.” “A text that, if approved, risks damaging an entire system of excellence in recycling, of which the Veneto region is the undisputed leader, and entire production chains for the ideological choice to penalize recycling in favor of reuse, which is incomprehensible both from an environmental (greater consumption of water and energy and more CO2 emissions) and economic point of view.”

Reiterating the alarm and again calling the attention of the government and Europarliamentarians in the Northeast, on the eve of decisive EU negotiations, is Simonetta Tiberto, president of the Plastics Rubber Group of Confindustria Veneto Est. A sector in which Veneto is the second region in Italy (after Lombardy), with more than 1,500 local units (13% of the total), 26,800 employees (14.6%) and 7.8 billion euros in turnover (13.9%).

The guideline that the EU Environment Council approved in December” Tiberto says “would undo decades of investment and progress in creating an Italian circular economy model (72% of packaging waste recycled) that is an international leader and goes against the common-sense approach voted by the European Parliament in November. Choosing to prioritize reuse over recycling and imposing mandatory reuse targets will damage the Veneto’s separate collection and recycling system and put entire supply chains at risk, from agribusiness (30% of national GDP), to wood-paper, as well as plastics. The last resort is the negotiations between the Council, Parliament and the EU Commission, the Trilogue, at the final squeeze on March 4, for which there is great apprehension. We can only renew our appeal to the government and MEPs to put up a united front, including with other member states, to prevent our model of packaging circularity from being scuttled and for a substantial revision of the measure, with greater balance and flexibility. We share its ambitious environmental goals, but they must be achieved together with the business community, not against it.

CVE Plastic Rubber Group President Simonetta Tiberto will open the proceedings. This will be followed by speeches by Libero Cantarella Director of Unionplast (The plastics sector: current situation, critical issues and prospects also in the light of new national and European measures), Marco Ravazzolo Director of the Environment and Sustainability Area of Confindustria (Confindustria’s position on the proposed regulation and the actions carried out at the national and European level to protect the Italian System) and entrepreneur Luca Iazzolino of the Technical Environment Committee of Confindustria (The proposed PPWR regulation with particular reference to plastic packaging).


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