EXCELSIORIENTA! Pozza: I hope that finding work in line with one’s aptitudes and passions will encourage our young people to stay in Italy as protagonists of our economy

EXCELSIORIENTA! The new Unioncamere platform for young people to orientate themselves in their training choices, learn more about new professions, get information on the skills most in demand from companies

Economy - published on 12 December 2022


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Treviso, 10 December 2022. Talents, passions, creativity, analytical sense, the ability to work as a team and create networks of relationships, manual and organisational skills, and then
again, how many are the qualities that our young people can seek out and express in the working environment by identifying the right educational path. – observes the President of the Chamber
of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno|Dolomiti Mario Pozza – Understanding from the outset what these talents are and how to direct them, I believe, is one of the choices that will affect
the quality of life of each person.

It is precisely with this ambitious vision that the Chamber of Commerce system, together with Unioncamere, has devised Excelsiorienta, the new online orientation tool of the Excelsior
Information System devised by Unioncamere, – says President Pozza. – It is a web platform, an ideal tool for the digital skills of young people, aimed at middle and high school students to
learn about and explore the world of work. The objective is to accompany boys and girls to reflect on their personal skills and aptitudes and how to enhance them in a pathway that can be spent in
the world of work.

Excelsiorienta, the new online platform of the Excelsior Information System, has been designed to help students in middle and high schools to orient themselves in the choices for their
future, find out more about the various professions, and find out about the skills most in demand from companies, all by navigating in a dynamic, fun site that can be used from any type of

The portal is also aimed at parents and teachers, who are called upon to guide the youngest, helping them to increase their awareness of the world of work.

The platform offers various tools to explore the world of work and understand which professions are best suited to the aptitudes and passions of each student.

Students can start with OrientaGame, a self-assessment quiz through which they can discover their strengths, recognise their passions and identify their motivations for taking action and
getting involved. Through answering groups of questions – formulated in a rigorous manner by a team of experts – on Values, Skills and Attitudes, everyone will receive the identikit of their
“work personality”, thanks to which they will be able to orient their choices towards a future that is truly in line with their characteristics.

The Career Guide section contains a database with the professions on the market and the study paths you can take to develop your potential. It is possible to explore the professions
that most require certain skills (digital, green or logical/mathematical, related to 4.0 technologies), but also the economic/professional sectors and the professions that most characterise them.

The Entrepreneurship Guide section provides useful tips, hints and suggestions on entrepreneurial skills and business start-up.

Finally, the portal offers news and editorial updates on the dynamics of the world of work and a selection of links to websites that can provide further help in choosing a course of study or
professional field.

I am certain that the time spent alongside one’s children and students to learn about and seize the opportunities offered by this platform is time well invested in one’s future. I hope,
– concludes President Pozza, – that finding a job in Italy in line with one’s aptitudes and passions, understanding the new professional skills on which to train, and becoming
collaborators or entrepreneurs in our economy, can entice even more, our young people to stay in Italy without looking abroad for their dream of life and work.

To find out more: //excelsiorienta.unioncamere.it

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