Expo Dubai 2021, Venicepromex President Mario Pozza: a great opportunity also for exports by Veneto companies

With VenicePromex we want to support companies in their internationalisation process, and the Expo is a fundamental stage in this process.

Economy - published on 03 October 2021

Source: Venicepromex press office
October 1, 2021 – The opening ceremony of Expo 2021 was held in Dubai and was followed live by Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto and VenicePromex, the special agency
of the chamber system that deals with internationalisation: – the start of this global event is a positive sign for the whole economic system.
It is an important injection of confidence because it is a sign that everything is starting up again and without any problems. This great world showcase for Veneto companies is a great
opportunity to further strengthen exports and internationalisation processes
In the last few days we have seen how Veneto exports have achieved important performances, demonstrating once again that we are the locomotive of the North-East. In this sense, the Dubai Expo
can be a great opportunity to showcase the excellence and innovation of our economic system
. For these reasons, VenicePromex is working with the other institutions in the area to identify and
build concrete projects and initiatives that can harness the power of this global event. With VenicePromex, we want to be at the side of companies on their path to internationalisation, and the
Expo is a fundamental stage in this process.

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