Festival ‘Le vie della bellezza’. A route full of emotions, from Saturday 18 May to Sunday 2 June

The third edition of the Festival Le vie della bellezza - The ways of beauty - is coming up: from 18 May to 2 June, an itinerant journey through art and nature.

Events - published on 22 May 2024


Source: press office Festival Le vie della bellezza

After last year’s success, the third edition of the Festival ‘Le vie della bellezza’ (The ways of beauty) is on its way, an appointment ‘between art and nature’ that is the result of the collaboration between the Pro loco and the Municipality of Cavaso del Tomba, the administration of Possagno, the Associazione Arte e Natura, The Music Country House, the Coro Valcavasia, the Comitato San Martino and the Associazione Salvatica.
This year the festival’s main theme is ‘The Beauty of Nature and Landscape’, confirming the festival’s flagship objective, which is the desire to combine the promotion of the area’s tourist and cultural offerings with entertainment events, the valorisation of local resources and all-round excellence, and the creation of an ever-widening collaborative network of public institutions, private entities, associations, artists and creative people.

A space for reflection and, at the same time, a widespread festival, included in the annual programme of the MAB Culture Technical Table.
The initiative enjoys the patronage of the municipalities of Monfumo, Possagno and Pieve del Grappa, the Pro loco of Cavaso del Tomba, the province of Treviso and the Veneto Region, together with the trade associations Confcommercio Treviso (Asolo delegation), Coldiretti Asolo, Confartigianato Asolo, CNA Asolo, Strada del vino Asolo-Montello, as well as the Tempio Canovianoviano Foundation, Welcome BLUE (a project for welcoming people with autism), IPA Terre di
Asolo and Monte Grappa, Riserva della Biosfera Asolo Monte Grappa and Fondazione Marca Treviso.

All joined by a series of sponsors and collaborations with private individuals.
The history of the festival began in 2022, from an idea of the municipality and the Pro loco of Cavaso del Tomba, with the aim of creating an authentic ‘open-air museum’ in the Asolo hills, an itinerant journey through the small local villages of Costalunga, Bocca di Serra and Castelcies.

A cognitive itinerary capable of leading the public and the spectator (whether resident or tourist) to the rediscovery of unprecedented aspects of art, culture, music, landscape and food and wine.
In recent years, the event has seen a growth within its offer: if last year there was a territorial expansion of the appointments up to the municipality of Possagno, the well-known home of Canova, this year the ‘range of action’ is further extended, involving also the territories of Monfumo and Pieve del Grappa in this offer of events.
There are two objectives at the heart of the festival: on the one hand to enhance the historical-cultural and landscape-gastronomic heritage of Valcavasia, and on the other to contribute to projects in the area itself. In this regard, last year 2 thousand euro were donated for the renovation (currently underway) of the charming little church of San Martino in Castelcies.

A path of valorisation that this year intends to continue with the collection of funds to arrange the signs scattered among the places and works of art that make up the municipal territory of Cavaso del Tomba, for better use by tourists and residents.

A festival that stimulates people’s sense of belonging to the local territory, for a rediscovery of the priceless jewels that characterise it. Various points will be touched upon by this itinerant festival: in Cavaso del Tomba it will be possible to visit the municipal auditorium, the church of San Martino in Castelcies, The Music Country House, and the Molino della Serra; in Possagno, a stop at the Tempio Canoviano is not to be missed, while in Monfumo open doors will be opened at the Amadio Estate; in Pieve del Grappa, the Astego vegetation garden of Veneto Agricoltura will be visited.

‘This year there are several novelties,’ comments Renato Zanini, president of Arte e Natura. ‘In addition to the meeting with two art historians, scheduled for Saturday 18 May, on Sunday we will have the first edition of “Leggendo par i Colmei”, where the public will have the opportunity to meet a series of writers. The initiative is part of an itinerary dedicated to the five senses: among these, also taste, with tastings of specially selected typical products, such as aromatic herbs, Morlacco cheese, ‘ancient apples’, wine and oil from Maser, and homemade ice cream’.

‘We want to make the territory known,’ is the premise made by Fernando Sartor of The Music Country House. ‘We think that culture belongs to everyone and we want to share this festival with the Pedemontana, to make the territory known in a different way, with first-class artists. I thank the sponsors who, with their sensitivity, are an active part of the festival’.

‘For several years we have been talking about doing this initiative,’ explained Floriano Sartor, president of the San Martino Committee. ‘It is a beautiful event to give prestige to our territory: a route between faith and nature, leading to places that are important from a landscape point of view, where there are many stories to tell.

See programme

Promotional video of the event: https://we.tl/t-10P1VoIf5R

A route full of emotions, from Saturday 18 May to Sunday 2 June: here is the Festival programme follows.
First weekend 18-19 May 2024
– Saturday 18 May 2024 – 9 p.m.
Francesco Sartor’ Auditorium, Piazza Pieve in Cavaso del Tomba (TV)
Meeting with:
Elena Pontiggia, Contemporary Art Historian from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.
‘The Treviso artists of the early 20th century: Arturo Martini and Gino Rossi’.
Presentation by Elisa Prete, contemporary art historian.
– Sunday 19 May 2024 – from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Along the Art and Nature route in the Borgo di Costalunga in Cavaso del Tomba (TV), you can:
➢ admire
❖ the 36 works of the Open Air Museum, sculptures, frescoes, paintings;
❖ the splendid landscape of the Colli Asolani and the Massiccio del Monte Grappa, between the Piave
and the Brenta;
➢ meet:
❖ the Painters, Sculptors, and Artisans who, inspired by the beauty of the places
will work extemporaneously;
❖ the Writers, for the 1st Edition of ‘LEGGENDO par i Colmei’, with their books and stories to
to tell;
➢ touching
❖ with your own hands you can create majolica objects during the workshop open to
children and others, organised by the Sbittarte Cultural Association of Nove (VI);
➢ listen
❖ the Street Musicians will entertain you along the way with new and exclusive pieces;
➢ enjoy (from 11.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.)
❖ the food and wine delicacies proposed by Slow Food Alto Brenta and Muson and specially selected local producers from the Belluno area
❖ the specialities of Street Berti and Locanda Agordina
❖ craft beer produced by the ‘Soci dea Birra’ of Castelli di Monfumo

Second weekend 24-26 May 2024
– Friday 24 May 2024 – 8.30 p.m.
Music Park of The Music Country House – Castelcies
Presentation of the book ‘La tormenta di San Giovanni’ and meeting with author Loris Giuriatti with musical accompaniment by M.o Antonio Camponogara on piano.
In the event of bad weather the event will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Municipality of Cavaso del Tomba
– Saturday 25 May 2024 – 8.30 p.m.
Municipal Auditorium in Cavaso del Tomba – piazza Pieve

Screening of the film ‘Custodi’ by director Marco Rossitti
Special Unesco Dolomites Award at the Trento Film Festival 2023
Round table on Landscape and Mab Unesco as drivers of local development
– Marco Rossitti documentary film director and lecturer in Cinema, Photography and Television
at the University of Udine
– Federico Caner – Councillor for Tourism of the Veneto Region
– Annalisa Rampin – president of IPA Asolo Monte Grappa
– Daniele Ferrazza – journalist
– Giulia Casagrande – president Marca Treviso Foundation
– Mario Libralato – contact person for the Mab Unesco Asolo Montegrappa Culture Table
Moderator: Rossana Santolin – journalist for ‘La Tribuna di Treviso’.
To follow: wine tasting by the Amadio Winery of Monfumo (TV)
– Sunday 26 May 2024 – 10 a.m.
Walk through the flora and fauna of Valcavasia and guided visit to the Maglio della Serra with nature experts Sergio Ballestrin and Anastasia Sebellin
Departure from the Veneto Cheese Centre
In the event of bad weather the walk will be cancelled
– 11 a.m.
Classical music concert with the ‘Quartetto musicale barocco’ conducted by Maestro Piero Toso for the guests of the Casa di riposo Prealpina
– 5 p.m.
Church of San Martino – Castelcies Cavaso del Tomba (TV)
Classical Music Concert with the ‘Baroque Music Quartet’ conducted by Maestro Piero
Toso Violin soloist of the Solisti Veneti and the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto – will lead
the ensemble of musicians on a journey of emotions.
Soloist: Chiara Mario – flute. Performers: Piero Toso and Serena Bicego – violins, Alberto
Salomon – viola, Fernando Sartor – cello, Giacomo Aduso – harpsichord. Music by Bach, Mozart and Händel.
Third weekend 31 May – 2 June 2024
– Friday 31 May 2024 – 9 p.m.
Tenuta Amadio in Monfumo (TV)
Concert ‘The 4 Seasons’ by Vivaldi with the ‘Asolo Chamber Orchestra’ conducted by
Maestro Walter Favero – violin soloist Francesco Comisso and Vikram Francesco Sedona
At the end Prosecco wine tasting from Colli Asolani

– Saturday 1 June 2024 – 5 p.m.
Astego Vegetation Garden in Pieve del Grappa (TV)
Guided tour of the garden by the Salvatica Association
Itinerant concert by the Endimione Choir, directed by Maestro Stefano Barzan

RESERVATION MANDATORY at the link: www.salvatica.it/iscrizione-eventi/
For information consult and contact www.salvatica.it – info@salvatica.it
In case of bad weather the event will be cancelled

– Sunday 2 June 2024 – 10 a.m.
Guided walk through the Middle Ages and the places of Canova with Floriano Sartor, Sergio Ballestrin and Anastasia Sebellin
Departure from the Veneto Cheese Centre
In the event of bad weather the walk will be cancelled

– 9 p.m.
Tempio Canoviano in Possagno (TV)
Concert ‘Marco Polo 700 – Music at the Edge of the World
Lyric-symphonic concert by the Orchestra Sinfonica del Veneto conducted by Maestro Marco Titotto, with the participation of Tenor Cristian Ricci – presented by Federica Morello
The Orchestra Sinfonica del Veneto is a symphonic music organisation set up under the auspices of the Veneto Region for the development and introduction of young musicians into the professional artistic world.
The Orchestra Sinfonica del Veneto has been recognised by the Ministry of Culture for the special project ‘Marco Polo 700 – Music at the Edge of the World’. This is an immersive musical experience inspired by Marco Polo, a pioneer of adventurous journeys that expanded knowledge towards new landscapes and cultures.
The ensemble is composed of young people aged between 18 and 27, supported by renowned musicians in the role of ‘tutors’, in order to pass on all valuable technical and musical experience to the youngsters.

The main prerogative of the Orchestra Sinfonica del Veneto is to involve organisations and institutions to establish a qualitatively competitive cultural platform at a global level where talent, merit and inclusion are the guiding principles of a new project mission, for a new and lively way of making and promoting music.
Music by Morricone, Salieri, Ponchielli, Verdi, Puccini, Ferrari, Meyerbeer and Offenbach.
In case of bad weather the event will be cancelled

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