For the first time, the Veneto Chambers of Commerce System together with the Italian Chambers Abroad is organising a high-level training event for enterprises and institutions

Economist Dominick Salvatore will address the topic: The world economy in metamorphosis: How to deal with discontinuity and continuous exogenous shocks

Events - published on 28 November 2022
Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Venice – New York, 28 November – On 2 December at 3.15 p.m. Italian time, the conference THE WORLD ECONOMY IN METAMORPHOSIS will be held. The Italian-American economist
Dominick Salvatore will speak from New York. For free ONLINE participation, with simultaneous translation into Italian, click directly on this link:

The Unioncamere Veneto event, on the occasion of the regional assembly, will be held live with the Italy America Chamber of Commerce of New York. The event will be opened by the institutional
greetings of Assocamerestero and Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza and Italy America Chamber of Commerce of New York President Alberto Milani.
This will be followed by the awaited Lectio Magistralis by economist, Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Global Economic Policy, Fordham University, Dominick Salvatore.
The talk will address perspectives on the direction the world economy is taking and how to deal with the risks caused by a geopolitics that disorients the economic system and institutions.

This is a high-level training event that I wanted in concert with the Italian and Foreign chamber system for businesses and institutions, – says Mario Pozza, President of
Assocamerestero and of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso -Belluno|Dolomiti
– This is the first event organised in my new role as President of Assocamerestero, the agency of the 84 Italian
chambers of commerce in the 61 countries of the world.

This is a great potential to foster internationalisation by reducing business risk in international markets, thanks to the invaluable support of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. Every
action always needs careful and accurate training – Pozza points out – and this event has the ambition of providing a clear outline for conscious business choices, organising
well-conceived plans on events whose precedents are lacking, identifying what can be clear rules for the entire organisation. I would like to thank the world-renowned Italian-American economist
Dominick Salvatore for accepting our invitation. I know the great affection that binds him to Italy. He will provide us with a clear picture as a valuable support in understanding the ongoing
metamorphosis of the world economy.

The Chamber System has always been the first link in the territory for Italian companies abroad – points out the President of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce of NY Alberto
– Since 1887, the entrepreneurs of the New York Chamber have been offering their colleagues from the Veneto Region a safe harbour to land by sharing their experience in the field.
Today we can offer new solutions at shared costs for domicile, logistics, digital promotion, and trade.

This first international meeting with the Venetian companies and with President Mario Pozza allows us to continue together a path born from solid common cultural foundations.

On Friday 2 December, we will be in New York to listen to and dialogue with one of the world’s greatest economists: Dominick Salvatore. At the centre – highlights Alessandro Minello,
Professor at Ca’ Foscari University
– the scenario that awaits us and the role of internationalisation in the current metamorphosis. We will bring our territory, the results of our
socio-economic system and compare it with other development experiences. We will discuss the future, the levers for a new internationalisation, sustainable, generating value for the community and
not for the few.

From “my way” to “our way” of international openness, through the ability to generate value by turning investment and trade openness into development.

– 9:00 AM

Breakfast and registration

– 9:15 AM
Welcoming Remarks

Mario Pozza, President of Assocamerestero
Alberto Milani, President of IACC

– 9:30 AM
Where is the World Economy Headed?

Dominick Salvatore, Professor of Economics and Director of the Global Economic Policy Center, Fordham University

– 10:15 AM
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Strengthening a New Development Path

Dominick Salvatore, Professor of Economics and Director of the Global Economic Policy Center, Fordham University
Alessandro Minello, Adjunct Professor of Economics, Cà Foscari University
Fred Campano, Former Professor of Economics, Fordham University
– 11:00 AM



For free ONLINE participation, with simultaneous translation into Italian, proceed directly by clicking here:

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