Foreign Trade: Exports from Italian Regions

The data, analysed by sector of economic activity, concern exports of Italian regions in the world.

Economy - published on 13 June 2024

Source: Istat press office

11 June 2024

I Quarter 2024


In the first quarter of 2024, exports are estimated to grow at an annual rate for the Centre (+1.0%), a slight decrease for the Northeast (-0.9%) and a larger contraction for the Northwest (-3.5%) and the South and Islands (-4.1%).
In the same period, on an annual basis, the decrease in national exports in value (-2.8%) is a synthesis of very differentiated territorial dynamics: there is marked growth for the Islands (+8.9%) and relatively less for the South (+4.3%), while the Northeast (-2.4%) and the Northwest (-3.4%) show a downturn and the Centre (-10.4%) a sharp contraction.
In the first three months of 2024, the largest tendential declines in exports concern Marche (-55.5%), Basilicata (-35.3%) and Liguria (-14.7%); while the most dynamic export regions are Calabria (+26.9%), Molise (+22.2%), Abruzzo (+12.4%) and Campania (+9.6%).
In the first quarter of 2024, the sharp reduction in sales of pharmaceutical, chemical-medical and botanical articles from Marche contributed 2.8 percentage points to the drop in national exports; a further negative contribution of 1.2 points came from lower exports of basic metals and metal products, excluding machinery and equipment from Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio and of leather articles from Tuscany and Lombardy.

In contrast, the increase in sales of sporting goods, games, musical instruments, jewellery, medical instruments and other products not elsewhere classified (n.e.c.) from Tuscany and of transport means, excluding motor vehicles from Friuli-Venezia Giulia provides a positive impulse of 1.3 percentage points.
On an annual basis, the largest negative contributions to national exports derive from the contraction of sales from Marche to China (-97.1%) and Belgium (-74.6%), from Tuscany to Switzerland (-67.5%) and from Lombardy to Germany (-10.1%), the United States (-9.2%), France (-6.6%) and the Netherlands (-13.6%); the greatest positive contributions came from the increase in exports from Tuscany to Turkey (+234.3%), the United States (+49.7%) and OPEC countries (+33.1%) and from Friuli-Venezia Giulia to the United States (+250.5%).
In the provincial analysis of exports, the negative performances of Ascoli Piceno, Livorno, Brescia, Bologna and Milan are worth mentioning. Among the positive performances, the best ones concern Gorizia, Arezzo, Florence, Latina and Naples.

The comment

In the first quarter of 2024, with the exception of the Centre, exports in value recorded a negative trend for all the territorial divisions, albeit with different intensities.

On an annual basis, the decline in exports affected the Northern and Central divisions, while the South and Islands recorded growth driven by higher sales of pharmaceuticals from Campania, refining products from Sicily and Sardinia and motor vehicles from Abruzzo. The very negative performance of the Centre is conditioned by the contraction in exports of pharmaceutical products from Marche to China, a base effect resulting from the comparison with Q1 2023, when exceptional sales of these products to that country were recorded.

The strong increase in Tuscany’s exports to Turkey is due to significant sales of precious metal smallwares and jewellery, that of Friuli-Venezia Giulia to the United States, to sales of seagoing craft.

More information can be found in the press release ‘Exports of Italian Regions’ (in italian)

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