Free streaming Fabrica About Future, dedicated to the theme of recycling and resource optimization | Thursday, May 27

From 10:30 am to 11:30 am on Zoom

Events - published on 14 May 2021
Source: Media and Public Relations F A B R I C A press office
The title is inspired by an old Anglo-Saxon saying Waste Not, Want Not which translates as “waste is not justifiable”.
It is now essential to move from a linear production model, focused on extraction, transformation, production, consumption and waste to a circular economic model that limits the use of matter and
energy as much as possible, reducing waste, toxic gases in the atmosphere and non-recyclable materials at every stage of the production process. And to achieve this goal, we need the cooperation of
different subjects, from legislators to companies, from environmental protection bodies to waste management infrastructures, passing through the collection staff and finally, the citizen himself.
On Thursday, May 27th from 10:30 am to 11:30 am we will have as guests two young representatives of the world of startups related to recycling: Francesca Pievani, founder of
Fili Pari, an innovative startup
specializing in clothing made with the first fabric produced with marble powder, patented by them, whose project was born among the university desks of the Polytechnic of Milan and Eugenio
, country manager Italy of Too Good To Go, the app against food
The conversation, free and in Italian, is led by Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Program Director of Fabrica, and broadcast live streaming on Zoom.

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