Free streaming shows offered by Gli Alcuni to schools. First show on Monday, January 25 at 14:00

The first show will be broadcasted on Monday 25th January at 2:00 pm and on Tuesday 26th January at 10:00 am

Events - published on 21 January 2021
Source: Gli Alcuni press office
With “CACCIA GROSSA TRA I LIBRI“, January 25 and 26 restart free streaming shows offered by the Teatro Sant’Anna to children of preschool and elementary school.
Theater, television and literature for children in the new proposal for schools.
It has been 11 months since the interruption, on Sunday 23rd February 2020, of the activities, for families and schools, of the Teatro Sant’Anna. The loss of opportunities for culture,
entertainment and socialization that these long months of health emergency brings is considerable, and Gli Alcuni already since March 1 have been on the front lines, offering free streaming
content every Sunday to families confined at home by the lockdown. On Sunday, November 1, the streaming activities resumed, with the proposal of the shows of the Sunday review organized by
Teatro Sant’Anna.
After the families, now it’s the turn of the schools: Sergio and Francesco Manfio, soul of Gli Alcuni, thought that surely the little ones miss the experience so rewarding and
exciting to watch together with their classmates a show, responding to the solicitations, interacting with the actors on stage, dancing the dances proposed … Waiting to be able to return all
together to the theater, they decided to propose to preschools and elementary school the vision of some shows for children, through a free live streaming dedicated to schools, on the FB
page of Alcuni Teatro Sant’Anna
The programming, for each show proposed, is made in two days and at two different times, to meet the organizational needs of schools, which can choose to connect in the morning or early afternoon.
For the first show, “CACCIA GROSSA TRA I LIBRI”, the times available to schools are as follows:

Monday 25/1 at 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday 26/1 at 10:00

It is not marginal that this first proposal for schools in 2021 consists of a show about the most famous masterpieces for children, combining the fun offered by the show with an invitation to use
reading at least part of this time spent at home…
A comment by Francesco Manfio: All the shows offered to families on Sundays and those that will be offered to schools are not a simple repetition of theatrical productions, but, thanks to
our extraordinary television experience (we are in fact the producers of Mini Cuccioli, Leo da Vinci, Ciak Junior, etc.), they have been “transformed” into a completely new event. It is not
television, but certainly not theater, understood in the traditional sense. We have taken advantage of both experiences, the theatrical one and the television one, exploiting the best of both
Therefore, taking from the audiovisual sector the quality of the images, the use of many high-definition cameras, the use of close-ups, the possibility of using inserts in animation, editing tricks
and so on. At the same time, from the theater we brought with us the ability to involve very young spectators, to play with them, to interact with the actors, the unity of place and so on.
Sergio Manfio, director of the shows and of these new adaptations, adds: From the point of view of participation I had fun introducing in the shows, in addition to what has been said
above, two puppets, the flamingos Lello and Lella, who play with the children on the themes of the show asking them questions related to what they have seen, something that we have noticed
increases a lot the fun and the participation. The schools will then be invited to send an email to to receive a nice surprise for the children.
The show, directed by Sergio Manfio, is interpreted by Sergio and Francesco Manfio in the roles of Capi and his Assistant.
The “big hunt” to which the title refers is a game that involves the young spectators in an active way – one could say interactive – in the solution of some enigmas hidden in
books, in a stimulating interweaving of theater and children’s literature
We know that the advent of new technologies is leading to a slow but inexorable reduction in the time that children spend reading.
The show wants to stimulate curiosity and interest in books for young people.
Gli Alcuni have constructed an imaginative and highly engaging pretext: a fantastic treasure hunt where the audience must decipher enigmas by solving the mysteries found within the
pages of the books
. These are answers that do not require any prior knowledge, you just need to know how to listen and use your intuition.
The books examined are classics such as: Don Quixote, Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels, The Christmas Story. Each book will be presented by a short cartoon that will illustrate its
content, creating in children the desire to learn more…

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