From Tokyo 2020 To Milan – Cortina 2026

Pozza: A First Class Team with Veneto Region and ficts

Economy - published on 23 July 2021
From Tokyo 2020 to Milan-Cortina 2026

Dr Pozza: “A first-class team with the Veneto Region and ficts”.

Prof. Ascani: “The Games, a festival for young people all over the world”.

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Dr. Pozza: “A first class team with Veneto Region and FICTS”.
Exclusive FICTS interview to Dr. Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, Belluno| Dolomites.
President, your recent election, by acclamation, is a confirmation of the profitable action carried out during the difficult moments of the pandemic in which the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso,
Belluno|Dolomiti has never stopped. Hoping that the ‘lowest point of the wheel’ has been overcome, what initiatives are you planning for the recovery?
The pandemic has created a situation we had never experienced before, so we immediately recalibrated the way we provide services and our internal organisation, created a network between the
Treviso and Belluno trade associations and their respective administrations, and set off again to be ready to stand by and guide businesses. Not only that, we have turned to foreign markets,
creating an even stronger network with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. During the second Chamber Council meeting, I set out the programmatic lines of my next mandate 2021-2026, speaking
from the heart and with a clear strategic line. At the same time, I listened with absolute attention to the words of the Chamber Councillors and the themes they wanted to highlight and which will
be part of the next plans.
Our focus will be on the sectors that have paid the highest price for the pandemic, such as tourism. We have set up the Regional Tourism Observatory with the Veneto Region. There will
be projects aimed at promoting the territories for the relaunch and attractiveness also in view of major events such as the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Milan – Cortina 2026, which will be
held right here in Veneto. This is a great opportunity that we must not lose by waiting for it to happen, but which we must take as a guide, as a project. Internationalisation is an aspect
that we have taken very seriously since, together with the Veneto Region and the Veneto Chambers of Commerce, we have set up Venicepromex, the regional agency that will manage the support
of companies that want to internationalise their presence in supranational markets. The company is destined to become a point of reference in particular for smaller and less organised
The importance of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, Belluno|Dolomiti, which you chair, highlights a mix of valuable elements through respectable territorial marketing. What does it consist of?
First of all, the key players range from the plains to the mountains. From the Venetian villas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the Prosecco hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, to the
Dolomites, another World Heritage Site. I believe it is a great responsibility to ensure that the economy, the quality of life, the environment and human resources can get the best from our
activities so that tourism, innovation, digitalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility can be an expression of the beauty of doing business. A dialogue from the plains to the mountains to
present ourselves to foreign markets with all the potential that our entrepreneurial excellence can express. For this ambitious goal, which I have been pursuing since my first mandate, it is
essential that public and private sectors talk to each other, aiming at a careful valorisation of different territorial expressions, aware that each needs the other.
A significant, modern and concrete action of collaboration has been launched between the Chamber of Commerce, the Veneto Region, the world of education and business and the Fédération
Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (Federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee). What are the assumptions and/or objectives behind this partnership, which is aimed at
implementing the “Generation 2026 – Sport Powered by youth and education” project within the Italympics2026 project, an original programme that will be an example for other local authorities?
I am happy that the “Generation 2026Sport powered by youth and education” project has already started, shared with the Veneto Region, the Veneto Regional School Office and
FICTS. It will also involve the companies of the Treviso Sportsystem. In this regard, I have already met the President of Nordica Alberto Zanatta. We will open a technical table with the
actors involved, such as the Museo dello Scarpone. We are certain that we will make an important contribution to creating the culture of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit in the new generations.
It will also be a valuable promotion of the places that will surely become “places of the heart” and make people fall in love and return to live the experience. It will be a team trip to prepare
for a world event that will benefit the whole of Italy.
Why has the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, Belluno|Dolomiti chosen the FICTS as an important “travelling companion” to focus on young people, to support entrepreneurship and to get off to a
great start: “Tutti insieme appassionatamente!” towards Milan-Cortina 2026?
I am used to making use of important partners to achieve the ambitious projects I have set myself. The FICTS in the person of Prof. Ascani is everything you could wish for in terms of
competence, strategic and organisational involvement skills, international vision and sound principles to build policies for future entrepreneurs, professionals, sportsmen and women etc. We know
how important a good example is. Each of us has had a mentor, an important figure in our life who has been an inspiration for our career. So, I believe that choosing a partner like the FICTS,
such as Prof. Ascani and the Veneto Region in the person of Councillor Donazzan, means being “in a first-class team”.
Your video “On the Wings of the Chamber” winner of the “Candido Cannavò for the Olympic Spirit” Award at the International Festival “Sport movies & tv 2020” (Milan) summed up that
first-class team. (Milan) summarised that sense of community to be shared through cultural and sporting events in tune with the environment that generate economy together with Sport System,
Assosport, etc.. In this innovative action, what will be the potential of companies towards the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games?
Companies from Treviso and Belluno have internationalisation in their DNA. They export 50% of their production, they are used to foreign markets listening to what they want and creating
exceptional, profiled products that are able to meet the specific needs of niche markets. Milan – Cortina 2026 is a great celebration that fits in perfectly with the plans for promotion, support
for the area and new awareness that this is where the glasses that everyone in the world wears are made, that this is the kingdom of the Sportsystem, where the technical shoes most loved by
champions are created. The Winter Olympics are all this, a great potential, if well exploited, and perhaps companies will be sponsors of the event or related events.
The platform with its 27,234 free online videos on sports culture and your excellent “Charter of Values” for
corporate social responsibility are two unique and qualified cornerstones for winning know-how for companies and institutions. Are we in the vanguard?
I would say so, without a doubt, because corporate social responsibility means reviewing old models and rethinking the service that your product must provide to its customer, who is placed at
the centre of attention. For us it is a guide that has been accompanying our activity for a good ten years, making us always focus on human capital, the importance of respecting the source,
correct information and transparency. We have received important words of appreciation, such as the comment of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti who honoured us with these words: We cannot fail
to appreciate the values that your Community pursues: listening, respect, collaboration are the inspiration and objective of our daily activity. Listening, respect and cooperation are the
inspiration and the objective of our daily activities. The platform fits in well with this philosophy, offering
users what they are looking for, and with the multimedia features that are now indispensable, in a time frame that was unthinkable just a few months ago.
Mr President, does your fruitful, daily commitment on various fronts – such as your important role in Unioncamere – give us hope for a rapid recovery? What obstacles remain to be overcome?
For the recovery there are already good prospects because our companies have not been idle and we are recovering the values of 2019, certainly not in all sectors. More than 534,000 job
opportunities were offered by Italian companies in July, rising to around 1.3 million if we consider the entire July-September quarter. Positive signals are coming from the business world, with
demand for work exceeding July 2019 levels (+106 thousand with reference to the month; +658 thousand in the quarter).
The obstacles? The usual ones, bureaucracy, impromptu solutions compared to long-term planning, lack of infrastructure, lack of network and many parochial groups. I’ll give you an example: on
29 March, the Council of State annulled the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) that allowed the incorporation of innovative startups directly online, without any “endorsement”
by the notary, in other words, “in the absence of a public act”. After the 2016 decree, the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto activated a dedicated portal ( within which you could fill in your statute and at the end of the process you would receive free advice before
digitally signing the deed and sending the documentation to the Revenue Agency for registration.
In recent years, this service has yielded satisfactory results (about 40 registrations per year in each Chamber of Commerce), allowing young founders of innovative start-ups to cut down on
time and costs. Today, on the other hand, there is an obligation to go to a notary, which increases the time and costs of the procedures. Veneto is the second Italian region for the number of
innovative start-ups after Lombardy; according to Infocamere data, there are 1034 innovative start-ups, representing 8.23% of the national total. For innovative start-ups set up in Chambers of
Commerce, an important control phase was envisaged in accordance with the principles and rules of anti-money laundering, as happened recently with the distribution of resources from the business
rescue fund.
This is the most unprecedented situation that I ever thought I would have to report: innovative start-ups are the engine that drives digital transition and innovation. So we wonder why
the right hand is pointing in one direction and the left hand in the diametrically opposite direction, but this is part of the Italian tradition that often falls victim to corporations. This is
why I am calling on the government, President Draghi, political forces, and trade associations to find a solution to this problem. The Chambers of Commerce are on the side of companies and young
entrepreneurs. These decisions encourage people to flee our country and we are letting our best energies escape. Then we can’t complain (by S. T.)
Prof. Ascani: “The Games, a festival for young people from all over the world”.
“The Olympic Games are the festival of young people all over the world”: with this sentence begins the message of Prof. Franco Ascani President of FICTS (Federation Internationale
Cinema Television Sportifs) on the eve of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The full video-message is available at
Sporting Friends, Olympic Friends, as we are getting underway with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I feel it is my duty to send a message to the protagonists of what must in any
case be “The Festival of young people around the world”. At this particular time, I would like to add to the motto “faster, higher, stronger” the word “together” to be so in sport and in life and
to achieve ambitious goals. This should be the commitment to adapt to the daily challenges that this new world demands. In my capacity as President, and on behalf of the 123 countries affiliated
to the FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs recognised by the IOC-International Olympic Committee of which I am Member of Commission for “Culture and Olympic Heritage”) I
intend to develop and promote culture through the images of sport among the citizens of the different nations with different lifestyles and, in this context, I would like to express my heartfelt
appreciation to all the Organisers of the 20 Festivals in the 5 Continents of the World Championship of Cinema, Television and Sports Culture which will end with “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2021” from 9
to 14 November in Milan, Italy, the future home of the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
Prof. Franco Ascani with the young people of the “Trophies of Milan
An event that will be inspired by the “Olympic” themes and the “Woman in Sport” with the qualified participation of world networks, sports champions, producers and directors with the best of
their works 2021. is also the name of the new platform of the FICTS, the first digital community that makes available for free, on all devices, 27,234 online videos. My message
becomes a virtual embrace to the media and to all the operators in the sector who will make the Olympic values concrete in the name of universality, friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, ethics,
sustainability and peace.
W the Olympic Games!
Thank you very much, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, muito obrigado, herzlichen dank, grazie mille’.
“Tokyo 2020” every day on the platform
The platform (, the first Digital Community with 27. 234 free videos on sport celebrating,
narrating and inspired by the sporting gesture, visible online on all devices and catalogued in 10 thematic playlists, for the entire duration of the Olympic Games (23 July – 8 August) and
Paralympic Games (24 August – 5 September) Tokyo 2020 will offer exclusive information and communication services to keep up to date at all times on the event with daily audiovisual summaries of
the competitions of all Olympic disciplines, 24 hours after their conclusion, in the “International Sports Calendar” area of the platform ( will
offer those who, for reasons of time difference, cannot watch all the competitions live at the Games, the possibility of having a database available to review them a few hours after they have
taken place. Summary and in-depth posts will be published on the Federation’s social channels throughout the period.
Save the date. “Sport Movies & tv 2021”: in Milan from 9 to 14 November
Milan (Italy), from 9 to 14 November 2021, will host – in presence and online – “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2021 – 39th Milano International FICTS Fest” ( Final of 20 Festivals (in the 5 Continents) of the “World FICTS Challenge” World Championship of Television, Cinema, Culture and Sport
Communication. The organization of the event is headed by the FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (123 member countries chaired by the undersigned Member of the
Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage of the IOC) recognized by the International Olympic Committee that promotes the values of sport will contribute to the promotion of the Olympic Games
and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 through a series of events during the Festival in Milan.
“SPORT MOVIES & TV 2021”, six days of TV, Cinema and Sport Culture under the slogan “FICTS is Culture through Sport”, constitutes a qualified moment of meeting for worldwide Networks (including
the representatives of the 1. 725 television sports channels of the 5 continents), new media, production companies, producers, directors, Olympic Committees and Sports Federations, sports
champions, radio, advertising and communication agencies that will illustrate the universe of television and sports cinema through documentaries, commercials, reportage, fiction, cartoons, etc.
in one of the 7 competitive sections.
New prestigious venues spread in collaboration with cultural, sports and academic organisations, will host the traditional international event with free admission (with compulsory
accreditation) that will consist of 100 Screenings, 3 Meetings / Webinars, 2 Workshops and 8 Exhibitions. The Auditorium Testori of Palazzo Lombardia (Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1) will
host the “Opening Ceremony” (9 November) and the “Award Ceremony” (14 November) with the presentation of the “Guirlande d’Honneur” or “Oscar del Cinema e della Tv sportiva” (in addition to the
“Mention d’Honneur” and the “Special Prizes”) to the winners of the Festival. The “Riccardo Catella Foundation” (Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28), formerly a film set with multifunctional spaces on
two floors, will host exhibitions and screenings of films in competition.
In the year of the Euro 2020 Football Championship, for football and cinema fans there will be a large showcase with the productions entered in the “Movies & Tv Football” Section at the 39th

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