Gender equality at ABACO Spa in Montebelluna (province of Treviso): now certified. The company has legal headquarters in Padua, administrative headquarters in Montebelluna

A new and important milestone for the Veneto-based company, which collects local taxes on behalf of institutions.

Promo - published on 19 February 2024

Source: press office ABACO S.p.A.

MONTEBELLUNA, 15 FEBRUARY – On 30 January 2024, ABACO Spa, a company with its registered office in Padua and administrative headquarters in Montebelluna (province of Treviso), obtained the certificate attesting to respect for gender equality in the workplace (UNI PdR 125:2022 Certificate). This is an important result for the Veneto-based company, which has more than 500 employees and about 100 branch offices throughout Italy, and has been engaged for more than 50 years in services supporting local authorities, particularly in the assessment and collection of local taxes and all related complementary activities. The focus of this new certification is on recruiting processes (staff selection and recruitment), career management, pay equity, work-life balance, parenting and care needs, and abuse and harassment prevention.

Respect for people is a trait that has always characterised us, both inside and outside the organisation, said Franco Rossetto, ABACO manager and chairman of the Steering Committee for Gender Equality. The certification for gender equality is nothing more than the seal to a corporate culture that has always been oriented towards a strong human ethic towards all employees, customers, and suppliers. But, while in the beginning we were a family business founded in Montebelluna by Gianni Gallo and his wife Valli Mantoan, over time we have grown a lot and developed throughout Italy, in the wake of fiscal federalism; codifying virtuous behaviour and best practices has become essential. Third-party certifications, of which the one on gender equality is just the latest piece, are a continuous stimulus for us to improve the operating methods applied, providing an additional guarantee to our partner local authorities. This achievement spurs us on even more to promote gender equality, the valorisation of diversity and support for women’s empowerment.

At ABACO, where women make up around 54 per cent of the total workforce, the total turnover for the year 2023 was close to EUR 40 million and is growing steadily, after the Covid-related discontinuities of the years 2020-21.

The company believes in the development and continuous training of human resources, –  Rossetto continues, – we know how important it is in the company to value and respect all people, men and women in their uniqueness and specificity, as cardinal principles to create a competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable environment. For some years now, we have been thinking in terms of improving corporate wellbeing; for example, we have introduced ‘short Fridays’, the free choice of working hours and the possibility of smart working, to help people balance work and life time. Finally, we have already planned further initiatives that we will implement starting in the coming months’.

The PATH to achieve gender equality
The ABACO team involved in the process of obtaining certification included the company’s Management, Human Resources and Management Systems.
Important steps were the training of all employees on the contents of the certification and the preliminary cognitive surveys, by means of anonymous questionnaires, addressed to all staff, on issues such as abuse and harassment in the company, work-life balance needs, in order to provide answers closer to the needs and requirements expressed by the people working in the company.

The documentation and policies for Gender Equality in ABACO can be consulted on the web portal:

Translated by Cecilia Flaccavento
Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites

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