“Generation 2026 – Sport powered by Youth and education” is in ITALYMPICS©2026

Project carried out by the FICTS in collaboration with the Veneto Region, the Treviso-Belluno | Dolomites Chamber of Commerce and the Veneto Regional School Office.

Events - published on 20 October 2021

Source: press office CCIAA Presidency Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti FICTS
FICTS organizes and promotes Projects both in Italy and in the world thanks also to the support of public and private Institutions, it promotes and encourages young people to create sport
images for Olympism.
“Generation 2026” is the instrument of relaunch to start all together spreading the Olympic Spirit, it supports the inter-generational dialogue to acquire self-awareness through an
integrated plan of culture, education, sport, wellness, health,
A true centre of national and international attraction that starts with young people, the future of Milan – Cortina 2026.
“Generation 2026 – Sport powered by Youth and education” is in ITALYMPICS©2026,
ITALYMPICS©2026 “Generation 2026” is cultural cooperation in the world of knowledge, education and sport.
Among the objectives of ITALYMPICS©2026 is to educate the public through images, in this regard Ficts makes available online 21,213 sports-themed videos to inspire young people.

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