Gli Alcuni present: AHI AHI, THE GLACIERS ARE MELTING. Free streaming Sunday 7th February

The show is presented in free streaming on the Facebook page of Alcuni Teatro Sant'Anna starting at 4:30pm and remains available throughout the day

Events - published on 05 February 2021

Source: Gli Alcuni press office

If you can’t go to the theatre, the theatre comes to your home!

On Sunday 7th February Gli Alcuni will present in free streaming
The 12th show of the playbill that started on 1st November last year has been very well received, with an average of a thousand families every Sunday.
As always, for those who answer the easy questions asked during the show, there is a nice surprise to colour in or build together with the children, which will be sent by email.
The “Theatre at your home” review is organised by the theatre company Gli Alcuni in collaboration with ISRE for the ALTER-NATIVE DIGITALI project.


On Sunday 7th February at 4:30 pm with AHI AHI AHI, THE GLACIERS ARE MELTING, starring Sergio and Francesco Manfio as the Chief and the Assistant, comes a new fun appointment
with children’s theatre that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa at home.

Sunday’s is the 12th Sunday appointment of the digital playbill “The theatre at your home”, conceived and organised by the company Gli Alcuni in collaboration with ISRE for the ALTERN-NATIVE
DIGITALI project and financed by the Veneto Region through the FSE 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme.

The show is presented in free streaming on the Facebook page of Gli Alcuni Teatro Sant’Anna ( starting at 4:30 pm and remains available throughout the day.
For the past couple of weeks, the show has also been shown to preschool and primary schools, on Mondays at 2:00 pm and Tuesdays at 10:00 am. This is another very welcome initiative, which has so
far seen the involvement of over 100 classes from many regions of Italy.

The show
Ahi ahi ahi, the glaciers are melting to raise children’s awareness of the planet’s climate problems tells and shows in practice what the ‘greenhouse effect’ means,
a subject of great interest. The protagonists are the leader and the assistant – Sergio Manfio, who also directs, and Francesco Manfio – together with a snowman at the North Pole
that is melting, while we witness the efforts of some young Eskimos trying to save it…
The aim is to explain to the young spectators why the temperature of our planet is slowly rising, what the problems are and how we can all remedy them in our everyday behaviour by adapting
virtuous behaviours.


This show – like the others in the festival – was performed and filmed at the Sant’Anna Theatre with three cameramen using high-definition cameras. The video was then edited by Gruppo Alcuni in
order to entertain the young audience and stimulate participation from home, thanks also to the presence of the flamingo puppets Lello and Lella who – during each performance – ask the audience

The two flamingos are the protagonists of the amusing “quiz game” that interrupts the show at certain points:

Armed with pen and paper, children from home are invited to write down the answers to the easy questions about the show posed by the two puppets. At the end of
the show, parents can write to with the children’s answers. For those who answer correctly each week there is a surprise
prize in the theme of the show presented!

The playbill of the review “The theatre at your home” has been created by GLI ALCUNI, is realised in collaboration with ISRE-Istituto Superiore Internazionale Salesiano di Ricerca Educativa, for
the project ALTER-NATIVE DIGITALI and is financed by the REGIONE DEL VENETO which finances the operation through the Programma Operativo Regionale FSE 2014-2020 | Asse 1 – Occupabilità – Area
Formazione sulla DGR 818 | 4285-0001-818-2020.

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