Go Smart Go Green – Italy embraces electric mobility

Treviso 25-26 September, first stop of a national tour dedicated to green mobility

Events - published on 20 July 2021

Source: Go Smart Go Green press office
Environmental sustainability, safety, training, innovation, activities in the territory. These are the main drivers of Go Smart Go Green, the first national tour dedicated to the issues
of green mobility at 360°
with the aim of promoting the safe use of an electric vehicle in city centres from a young age thanks to the presence of the technical sector of the Italian
Motorcycle Federation FMI and of the main manufacturers who will make their vehicles available for test rides and to learn the basics of safe driving guided by FMI federal technicians.
The first stage of this national tour, which will also extend throughout 2022, will start from Treviso on 25-26 September.
For two days, the historic centre, the squares and the ramparts of Veneto city will be the stage for the best that electric mobility can offer in all its expressions: functional, recreational or
From bicycles and scooters to motorbikes, cars and electric quadricycles.
Thanks to the patronage of Veneto Region, the Municipality of Treviso, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno, and the Italian Motorcycle Federation, the event, with free admission, will be
open to the entire population.
The historic walls of Treviso, which surround the city for almost 4 km, will host the Eco Village. The event is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. on Saturday 25 September.
Many exhibitors, Italian and foreign excellences of green mobility, will colour the Eco Village at the Walls of Treviso. Bastioni San Marco and Piazzale Burchiellati Est will be the focus of
for test drives, training activities with federal technicians and motorbike therapy in collaboration with Remoove Srl, which offers social innovation, design, training, consultancy
and transport services for the wellbeing of people, inclusive mobility and tourism. Remoove will provide the innovative Van Raam electric tricycles for transporting people with disabilities.
The exhibition areas will be divided between two and four wheels.
Piazzale Burchiellati will be the heart of the FMI training school on Sunday, with a test area and activities dedicated to electric motorbikes, from minimotos to scooters and motorbikes, while
electric off-road vehicles will find their fullest expression in an off-road route at San Marco Bastion.
Also in Piazzale Burchiellati the E-bike test area for electric bicycles and scooters, while the area in Piazza Matteotti, adjacent to Piazza del Grano (exhibition area) will be available for
electric cars and quadricycles.
All initiatives that aim to improve sustainability, as in this case in the field of green mobility, are to be supported, – said Luca Zaia, President of Veneto Region. – In Veneto
we have started to build a new development model based on sustainability in all its forms. By ‘sustainable development i mean the choice of encouraging growth in the well-being of the community
that looks to future generations, touching on the economic, social and environmental spheres. Sustainable mobility is an integral part of this. So we welcome the proposed initiative to encourage
the use of eco-friendly vehicles in urban contexts as well.
The Mayor of Treviso Mario Conte said: – We are proud of the fact that this travelling initiative to promote green mobility is starting from Treviso. Zero-emission, electric and
pedal-assisted vehicles are changing the way of approaching mobility, with greater attention to the environment and to the efficiency of travel. In this sense, Treviso has already put in place a
series of initiatives to promote electric mobility (two and four wheels) including bonuses for the purchase of electric bikes, the placement of numerous car charging stations, the purchase of
electric buses for travel in the historic centre and the new hub, which will be operational in 2022, for the distribution of small packages by cargo bike, as well as the cyclopolitana and the
Treviso Parfum project. Go Smart Go Green initiative therefore goes in the direction taken by our Administration: less emissions and more accessibility, technology and ease of movement to promote
new routes, also in terms of tourism.
Mobility in all its expressions requires first and foremost safety and awareness in the correct use of a vehicle on the road, which must follow the rules in respect of its own and other
people’s lives – underlined Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites – it is essential to educate young people and all those who will
approach this beautiful initiative, to the role of responsibility that the driver has to have absolute lucidity, free from drugs, alcohol or fatigue, for a totally responsible driving
. The
green choice is now indispensable and facilitated by incentives and the wide range of electric motorbikes, e-bikes as well as hybrid and/or fully electric engines, thanks to which we can also
encourage respectful tourism to discover our beautiful territories.
The Italian Motorcycle Federation, which has always been attentive to mobility issues, has enthusiastically joined this new event in Treviso. We want to be there with our starter courses, our
technicians and our experience. It will be an opportunity to make us known to an even wider audience, and I would like to sincerely thank the President of Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, the
Authorities, the President of the Veneto Regional Committee Andrea Girardello, and our Moto Clubs that will take part in this first stage of a national tour that promises to be of great
interest, – said IMF President Giovanni Copioli.
The idea of creating the Go Smart Go Green event stems from the need to make the track experience dialogue with the urban context, stressed Gianluca Nannelli of Go Smart Go
Green. – We want to bring motorcycling closer to all the people who do not frequent speed circuits, and at the same time offer the youngest people the chance to start training in the squares
and city centres. I have identified electric mobility as the driving force behind this project aimed at the entire population thanks to a highly innovative format. The training activity applied
to eco-sustainable mobility aims to increase awareness in the management of a motorised two-wheeler.
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