Green Pass, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: situation under control, but the behaviour of certain trade unionists leaves one speechless

Economy - published on 19 October 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
16 October 2021 – The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, takes stock of the situation the day after the Green Pass obligation: in Veneto the situation is under
control and we have passed the Green Pass day without difficulty. It is true that there have been protests in some contexts, but this has not created difficulties and our production system has
not stopped
. Our thanks go to the entrepreneurs, the institutions, the workers and those unions who have shown responsibility by working to avoid clashes and strikes. This is an important
signal because it means that the behaviour of a few diehards cannot jeopardise the work and activities of companies.
Unfortunately, however, we regret the behaviour and attitude of some trade unionists, fortunately a minority, who have stirred up the protest and risked creating moments of tension. Among them,
unfortunately, a logic of constant complaining prevails without any respect for work as a value. In fact, these professional protesters always find something to complain about, even when things in
the company are working, and the logic of always protesting and never working prevails. For this reason, I would invite them to open a VAT number, and we are ready to give them an Ateco code as
long as they do not jeopardise the economic system of the Veneto, which is the locomotive of the North-East.
We hope that in the next few days, – concludes President Pozza, – we will continue along these lines and that the cases in which there have been some difficulties
will also return, but we are confident. For companies in the Veneto region, the health of their workers comes first, and this is why Unioncamere Veneto has always supported the vaccination
campaign and the Green Pass
because they represent the only way that can take us definitively out of the health and economic emergency of Covid-19, which we remember in recent months has
created a lot of damage.
Now that we can see the light outside the tunnel and there are important signs of recovery, we do not want all this to be compromised by the irresponsible behaviour of a few.

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