Green Pass to work in companies, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: useful measure to protect workers’ health

Economy - published on 22 July 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
Venice, 21 July 2021 | The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, comments on Confindustria’s proposal to use the Green Pass to access work in companies: it is a
proposal that we share.
Safety at work is a top priority for companies in Veneto Region, as demonstrated by the efforts made by our entrepreneurs in recent months, such as measuring the
temperature of employees at the entrance to factories. The aim of this proposal is to do everything possible to prevent the creation of outbreaks, which would then force companies to halt
production, which has very high costs.
Unfortunately, these days we are witnessing an increase in contagions, and we are concerned about the repercussions on the economy of any new restrictions, which the stock markets have already
given a negative signal of in recent days. The economic system has already been put to the test in recent months, and we can in no way afford to turn back the clock at a time when indicators such
as those on exports show that the economic system of our region has all the credentials to engage in recovery and get back on track.
What we cannot afford is to have another worker working alongside a vaccinated worker who does not want to be vaccinated, thereby endangering the health and safety of the workplace. For
companies the health of workers comes first and starting from this absolute priority
we are sure that in Veneto we can dialogue with the unions and find a solution. In Veneto, the pact between
workers and companies has allowed us, in recent months, to overcome the health and economic emergency, representing a reference point at national level.

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