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Together with the strength of the network of institutions for the good of the communities for the new and great challenges that await the territories of Belluno

Events - published on 20 December 2022
Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Belluno, 17 December 2022. The traditional event of the Greetings from the Institutions took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti.

The ceremony was attended by MIMIT Undersecretary Massimo Bitonci, delegated by Minister Adolfo Urso, and welcomed by President Mario Pozza and General Secretary Romano

Among those present were representatives of Belluno’s institutions and economic categories.

President Mario Pozza expressed his warmest thanks for the Undersecretary’s presence and began the event with the notes of the Italian national anthem.

Those who attended the event could view the video “The Chamber of Commerce for the promotion and economy of the territories (La Camera di Commercio per la promozione e l’economia dei
“, which the Chamber of Commerce produces every year, with the desire to transparently inform about what has been done in the year that is drawing to a close. A succession of images
retraced the great Mirabilia and GenerAZIONE2026 events in view of the Milan – Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.

The strategic projects: Training and work, PID digitalisation – Promotion of the territory – Business crisis. Dialogue with young Italians abroad. The awards and recognitions to companies at the
Treviso and Belluno ceremonies of “Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress”, as well as the “Social Innovation and Sustainable Development Award” for companies that have implemented significant
projects in the field of innovation and environmental, social and economic sustainability.

An ongoing dialogue with the economic system and companies, supporting them with strategic projects to remain competitive on national and world markets.

The Chamber System plays a preeminent role in supporting our enterprises, which can lead to the conquest of new market spaces, including in the world and in the internationalisation process –
says the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Hon. Massimo Bitonci – You are a valuable territorial reality that must be strengthened in terms of
circular economy, digitalisation and training. The future presents us with challenges that we must turn into opportunities. Milan-Cortina 2026 is one of them; the onus is on us, to work for the
enhancement of our territories. The Olympics will be an extraordinary showcase for enhancing the territorial economy. We will be under the eyes of 3 billion people – underscored
Undersecretary Bitonci – Through my delegation, the Ministry is with you and at your disposal.

Every year we meet to strengthen that effective bond between us PA (Public Administration) representatives – said the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Assocamerestero Mario
– for which I thank everyone present. Awareness and recognition of what the network of institutions does and can do to support and make the economic system and businesses competitive
represents an important step in the journey we have made together in recent years. I invite companies, to the inevitable digital transition and cybersecurity, to internationalisation, including
small businesses, for which I assure that in my new role as President of Assocamerestero I will know how to make a further contribution, and so to corporate social responsibility, the circular
economy, the commitment to make processes and products sustainable to respect the beauty of our territories that inspire ideas and visions that make us famous all over the world. And again, to
the attention to young people to capitalise on the present and plan future actions together. To successfully achieve all this, collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential,
and we are here today – underlines President Pozza – to reinforce this collaboration, with the authoritative presence of Undersecretary the Hon. Bitonci, whom I sincerely thank and who
will always find a valid ally in the Chamber system.

The ceremony was accompanied by a harp performance by the A. Steffani Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto supported by the Chamber of Commerce.

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