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Together with the strength of the network of institutions for the good of the communities and for the new and great challenges that await the territories of Treviso in the national and international context

Events - published on 20 December 2022

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Treviso, 19 December 2022. The traditional event of the Greetings from the Institutions took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti.
In attendance at the ceremony were MEP Gianantonio Da Re, the Honourable Marchetto Marina, the Honourable Scarpa Rachele, Regional Councillor Federico Caner, Prefect
Angelo Sidoti, Questore Manuela De Bernardin Stadoan, President of the Province Stefano Marcon, and Bishop Michele Tomasi, who were welcomed by President Mario
and General Secretary Romano Tiozzo.
Among those present, were representatives of Treviso institutions and economic categories.
President Mario Pozza expressed his warmest thanks for the presence of the authorities and started the event with the notes of the Italian national anthem.
Those who attended the event could view the video “The Chamber of Commerce for the promotion and economy of the territories (La Camera di Commercio per la promozione e l’economia dei
“, which the Chamber of Commerce produces every year, with the desire to transparently inform about what has been done in the year that is drawing to a close. A succession of
images retraced the great Mirabilia and GenerAZIONE2026 events in view of the Milan – Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.
The strategic projects: Training and work, PID digitalisation – Promotion of the territory – Business crisis. Dialogue with young Italians abroad. The awards and recognitions to companies at
the Treviso and Belluno ceremonies of “Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress”, as well as the “Social Innovation and Sustainable Development Award” for companies that have implemented
significant projects in the field of innovation and environmental, social and economic sustainability.
An ongoing dialogue with the economic system and companies, supporting them with strategic projects to remain competitive on national and world markets.
Every year we meet to strengthen that effective bond between us PA (Public Administration) representatives – said Chamber of Commerce and Assocamerestero President Mario
– for which I thank everyone present. Awareness and recognition of what the network of institutions does and can do to support and make competitive the economic system and
businesses, represents an important step in the path we have travelled together in recent years.
In my new role as President of Assocamerestero I will further contribute to the promotion of our economic system and businesses abroad with the representation of the 84 Chambers of Commerce
in the 61 countries of the world.
I am delighted to inform you that the FICTS Executive Committee chaired by President Prof. Franco Ascani has appointed me as the only Italian in the relationship between the business
world, sport and the image market in the FICTS International Commission to support the promotion of the business system, looking ahead to the Milan – Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.
I invite companies to the inevitable digital transition and cybersecurity, to the internationalisation also of small businesses, to corporate social responsibility, to the circular economy,
to the commitment to make processes and products sustainable in order to respect the beauty of our territories that inspire ideas and visions that make us famous all over the world, and again,
to the attention to young people in order to capitalise on the present and plan future actions together. To successfully achieve all this, public-private collaboration is essential, and we are
here today – President Pozza emphasises – to reinforce this strategic partnership.
The ceremony was accompanied by the performance of the musicians of the A. Steffani Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto, supported by the Chamber of Commerce.
Campagna Amica Treviso – Belluno with its professionalism and expertise, made itself available for the event in the home of the companies. Providers of the buffet: Agriturismo Moro
Barel – La Dolza – Da Andreina – La Pila – Cà Fossà – Da Paradiso.

Data for the first nine months of 2022 – The Comment of the President Mario Pozza
“The data for the first nine months of 2022 confirm very strong export growth also for our provinces,” commented the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno, Mario Pozza.
“For Treviso it is +15.5% and for Belluno almost +20%”.
“But these positive dynamics incorporate the transfer of energy and raw material price increases onto final prices – the President recalls – and the fact that the high cost of energy
is weighing on our companies is undeniable: the recent Unioncamere survey on a sample of manufacturing companies in the Veneto region tells us that on average in one year, gas bills have
doubled and energy bills have more than doubled: this means that it costs more to produce”.
“We are theregore moving in the right direction – Pozza continued – given the agreement on the gas cap reached in recent days by the European Energy Council, but not on the price;
just as I look favourably on the other energy-related projects on which convergence has been found, again in the European sphere: the authorisation of renewables, the package on solidarity and
joint procurement, and the market correction mechanism”.
“These measures go in the right direction, better late than never, that is to dampen speculation on price rises in order to give a breath of fresh air to our companies, which – the
President continued – have so far shown great resilience: two out of three companies, again of the Veneto manufacturing sample, have declared that they have kept their working regimes
unchanged in order not to lose market share or because they have not experienced a drop in orders, thus managing to absorb the higher costs incurred”.
“Going back to the export data for the first nine months of 2022 – the President concludes – I see that the markets of the European Union (+18-24% between Treviso and Belluno) and the
United States (+19-26%) are the main drivers. First indications, perhaps, on how the export trajectories are changing or will change, following the pandemic (sales in China and Hong Kong are
still negative for Treviso, both in comparison with last year and 2019, for Belluno the recovery is in the year but not on the pre-pandemic) and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The same goes for
the supplies, to be studied if the supply chains are changing and which are the reference markets. These are all questions, which deserve to be explored in the coming months. We must create a
network and seize the opportunity of regional export structures such as Venicepromex and also the network of the 84 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad with Assocamerestero. In my new role as
President it will be a primary objective to give small companies too, new goals for internationalisation”.
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