Growth in production levels in Veneto industry slows down

In the second quarter of 2022: +0.3% seasonally adjusted variation. Mainly slowdown in orders, both domestic and foreign. Forecasts still positive, but the share of optimistic entrepreneurs decreases

Economy - published on 05 August 2022
Source: Unioncamere del Veneto press office
President Pozza: Veneto industry slows down in second quarter 2022. Both domestic and foreign demand fall, production levels remain positive thanks to the order backlog accumulated in the
previous quarter, and turnover grows driven by rising sales prices.
The share of entrepreneurs expecting an increase in production in the next three months is also decreasing, fuelling that of the pessimists. It promises to be a complex autumn, in which concrete
answers must be given to our companies, crushed by energy speculation, high utility bills and strong political uncertainty.

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