Gruppo Alcuni cerebrates 15 years old of the company!

On May 22, 2021, Gruppo Alcuni celebrated 15 years since the company's founding with great enthusiasm. Back-and-forth between the two founders....

Events - published on 24 May 2021
Source: Gruppo Alcuni press office
With a big cake surrounded by as many as 100 characters of the cartoon series and feature films in animation, the founders of Gruppo Alcuni Francesco and Sergio Manfio, celebrate
15 years of the company!
Rai Fiction and Rai Ragazzi among the privileged partners of many productions now distributed in 137 countries around the world.
May 22, 2021: Gruppo Alcuni celebrates with great enthusiasm the 15 years since the establishment of the company. Q&A between the two founders….
Francesco, the executive producer: It is clear that “our story” in the animation sector did not start only 15 years ago, but much earlier. However, only 15 years have passed since the
foundation of Gruppo Alcuni, the company that, within our Group, deals specifically with the production of animated series and feature films. Obviously, a very strong link has remained with the
other structures that produce and manage the theaters, the multimedia park, etc… but, since 2006, cartoons have “gone to live alone”. After 15 years from this choice (not easy at the time) we can
say that it went well! Our cartoons have grown and our fantastic team has grown with them. We have produced 22 animated series and 4 feature films for the cinema, for a total of 7,436 hours of
Sergio, director: It’s been 15 years now since Gruppo Alcuni put the pink bow on a company that deals specifically with cartoons. We challenged ourselves to try to remember how many
characters we’ve invented. The most enthusiastic say almost 200… I say 208, but I’m biased! A truckload of good wishes to us, with the desire and hope that we realize how important it is to
have a group of people who cultivate their dreams!
Francesco: In these years we have had as privileged partners first Rai Fiction and then Rai Ragazzi, who with their contribution have allowed us to develop beautiful and appreciated
series all over the world. With our cartoons we are present in 137 countries and therefore – considering that there are 208 countries in the world (but there are “only” 196 recognized ones) – there
are only 59 left to make it all happen.
Sergio: We have been accompanied in this extraordinary adventure by fantastic collaborators, who have helped us transform dreams into reality, allowing us to “animate” – in the literal
sense of infusing the soul, of giving life – many fantastic and amazing characters, who entertain children and excite them with their adventures…
Here is an overview of the main characters that have come out of our studios.
Let’s start with the six Puppies, who were then followed by the Mini Puppies, who for us and for the many children (and let’s not forget the mothers!) who follow their adventures have become
real animals, in fact… more than real! Their feelings, their dreams, their fears, the dynamics that move them are those of all children, and thanks to their sympathy they are known and
appreciated all over the world. The conquest of many of the 137 countries in which we are distributed is largely due to them!
We have then told in a series and in a feature film the fascinating adventures of the young genius Leonardo da Vinci and Lisa, making them the friends that every little girl and boy would have
liked to have next to them in their childhood.
Francesco: Thanks to our illustrators we have also made real the surreal stories of Vlady & Mirò, a bear and a raccoon in constant search of being able to finally hibernate. But we have
also created the detective stories of Slash://, the funny stories of Symo & Rose, the tales of Eppur si muove and Galileo…
Sergio: In these years we have not forgotten the civil commitment that, in our opinion, should always guide those who produce content for children and adults. Our productions with UNESCO,
FAO and the United Nations, such as H2Ooooh!, on the protection of the world’s water heritage, Leo Expo, on the theme of sustainable development, and A Cardboard for Peace, an extraordinary series
that tells of the desire for peace among children on five continents, all go in this direction.
Francesco: And finally… On the Facebook page of Gruppo Alcuni-Animation Studios we published a fun “social game” to test the public’s knowledge of the characters in our
Thank you all.
And see you in 2036, for the 30 years of Gruppo Alcuni!
Francesco and Sergio Manfio

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