Gruppo Alcuni participated again this year at Kidscreen in San Diego, presenting new productions for children and young people to buyers from around the world

The KIDSCREEN SUMMIT 2024,one of the world's most important markets dedicated to the children's media industry, concluded last February 8 in San Diego (California), in which Gruppo Alcuni participated again this year with satisfaction.

Events - published on 14 February 2024

Source: press office Gruppo Alcuni


For Gruppo Alcuni– explains Francesco MANFIO, DG and executive producer of the group – this was an extremely positive three days that led to the definition of important agreements both from the point of view of international co-productions and the distribution of our cartoons in the world.

Particularly successful were the animated series dedicated to Leo da Vinci (104 episodes x 13′) and Mini Cuccioli (208 episodes x 6′ + 1 TV special). A new production featuring cute dinosaur puppies alongside Mini Puppies, namely Mini Cuccioli e i DinoCuccioli (26 episodes of 6 minutes each are in the works), has also attracted much interest.

We have high expectations for the series Mini Cuccioli e i DinoCuccioli’ – continues Manfio – because it deals with the theme of diversity in an innovative way. In fact, in each of the episodes we are faced with a ‘problem’ that arises from the different history and culture of the little protagonists, who, however, strive to solve it in a collaborative way, turning difficulties into as many opportunities to grow together…”

Also at the Kisdscreen, Gruppo Alcuni – considered in its own right among the most significant European producers of content for young people – premiered Gateway 66. The series, which combines cartoon and live action and tells in an innovative way the “evolutionary path” that has taken place on our planet since the meteorite that made the dinosaurs disappear 66 million years ago (and this is where the title of the series comes from),fell to earth.
Gateway 66 sees the prestigious collaboration of scientists from Muse and the Renzo Piano Foundation and is produced with the participation of the Trentino Film Commission and RAI Kids, the regular partner of Gruppo Alcuni’s series.

The Kidscreen days were also an opportunity to meet the partners of the most recent venture featuring Gruppo Alcuni: the series The Black Diamond Race, the result of an important co-production with RAI Kids, RTVE (Spanish public television), Motion Pictures and India’s Broadvision.

Francesco Manfio again – Among the important meetings at Kidscreen was the presentation, by the director of Rai Kids, of what Luca Milano called the Weltanschauung of the structure that deals with Rai’s offerings for children and young people. We were very pleased that among the very few projects presented, space was given to The Black Diamond Race. All the production partners of the series were present and it was a wonderful opportunity to see each other again.

The Black Diamond Race is an innovative proposition both in content and format. Indeed, it recounts the adventures of Rani a young woman who, in 1929, dreams of becoming an automobile racer. The adventure unfolds between Europe and India and thrives on the clash between the team made up of the protagonist’s friends-among whom the Treviso-born Ada and Franco crop up-and a group of unscrupulous drivers in the pay of the terrible Mr. K.
The series also differs from all other Gruppo Alcuni offerings in its format: in fact, it is composed of 9 episodes of 45 minutes each, involving a production effort that fields hundreds of artists and technicians under the guidance of director Sergio Manfio.

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