Historic places, Ponzano City Council awards 9 businesses of the area

Mayor Baseggio: "These places are not just stores, they are true custodians of our history, traditions and experiences that identify us."

Promo - published on 30 January 2024


Source: press office Comune di Ponzano Veneto

PONZANO VENETO, JANUARY 29, 2024 – On Sunday afternoon, in the Sala del Palio at the Casa dei Mezzadri in Ponzano Veneto, the Municipal Administration and the Consulta delle Attività Produttive with President Andrea Favero – in collaboration with Confcommercio – awarded prizes to nine local businesses that had the honor of being included in the “Locali Storici del Commercio” (Historic Business Places) list by the Veneto Region in which there are commercial activities that preserve and hand down experiences, knowledge and practices and that, at the same time, turn out to be gathering places for the resident population. In detail, to be honored, in the presence of Antonella Della Giustina for Ascom-Confcommercio, were Osteria Miceon, Distributore Sbeghen, Elettrodomestici Sanson, Hobby Casa, Cicli Pavanello, Osteria Marchi, Trattoria da Sergio, Pavimenti Zanella and F.lli Favaro.

The ceremony, which was very heartfelt and well attended by the entire citizenry, was then the perfect opportunity to also highlight the “AMO Ponzano Veneto” initiative thanks to which, in collaboration with more than 40 participating businesses, a “receipt lottery” with a social purpose is being held again this year. In particular, both the 140 prizes donated by the stores themselves and the first prizes provided by the municipality through an active collaboration with the Proloco have already been drawn. The draw held has in fact matched the coupons of consumers (with the presence of at least three different stamps of purchase in three different participating businesses) with the prizes up for grabs of this important initiative that aims to generate virtuous paths in which citizenship is led to buy within their own community by bringing supply and demand together to generate economy and resources for the territory.

Ponzano Veneto Mayor Antonello Baseggio – The recognition of ‘Locali Storici del Commercio’ for some of the businesses in our area is a source of great pride and satisfaction for our entire community. These places are not just stores, they are true custodians of our history, traditions and experiences that identify us. They preserve cultural heritage and represent fundamental meeting points for our population. This recognition not only enhances the work of the award-winning businesses, but also helps to preserve the unique identity of Ponzano Veneto, creating solid ties between past and present, between merchants and citizens.

With AMO Ponzano Veneto, an initiative that has been present in our municipality for several years now, we have networked the territory, its activities and citizens – Baseggio concludes. – Moreover, in addition to what we have already done in the past, this year we also had the collaboration of many sports clubs that had the task of conveying the proposal to their associates. Precisely for this reason we have chosen to grant a contribution to the registration fee of one of the most active athletes, as well as an additional contribution toward his home club, thus strengthening the link between local initiatives and the Ponzano sports fabric.

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