How to get to Cortina from Treviso

Guidelines to get to Cortina mountain resort

Promo - published on 30 December 2019
The best way to get to Cortina is by car, as you drive in the direction of Cortina from Treviso, the town is about one hour and 40 minutes from the A27 motorway continuing along the road
Flixbus, CortinaExpress and ATVO offer daily bus services between Cortina and Venice, it takes about 2 hours but this is the most
inexpensive way to get to Cortina. There is a bus stop near the Sileamare shopping center situated in Treviso South. Besides
DolomitiBus provides daily bus service from Venice and stops at the bus station of
Treviso during the whole winter season.
Moreover, using the Flixbus,
CortinaExpress and DolomitiBus Apps you can have access
to all the Dolomites transport services you can book your ticket online.
Here is a useful link to discover the wonderful province of Belluno:
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