In search of coats of arms, guided tour of the Treviso Painted City for children and families

In search of coats of arms Guided tour of the Treviso Painted City for children and families

Events - published on 13 June 2024

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On Sunday 9th June at 10.30 a.m. the Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation is organising a new guided tour for children and families to discover the coats of arms frescoed on the facades of the houses in the painted city of Treviso.

The frescoes had in fact different roles, not only decorative, and in some cases, as in the case of coats of arms, they performed the task of telling the origin or the name of the owners of the houses on which they were painted.

During the visit, the children will discover different types of coats of arms, such as the crumpled coat of arms, the shield-shaped coat of arms or even the speaking coat of arms, i.e. those with a symbol capable of recalling the name of the family it referred to with its image, such as the shepherd’s horn for ‘Casa Dal Corno’. They will get to know the bishop’s coat of arms, that of the city of Treviso in the Middle Ages, before the stars were added that would later distinguish it. They will also learn to recognise the Sun or Trigram of San Bernardino, which is very common in the city and is often mistaken for a coat of arms, but is actually a devotional symbol dedicated to San Bernardino of Siena who, in his preaching activities, came to Treviso in 1423.

The proposed itinerary, through the city’s historic centre, will run from the headquarters of the Benetton Foundation, in Via Cornarotta, to Piazza del Duomo, through Via Roggia, Vicolo Dotti, Piazza Tommassini and Via Bianchetti.

The children will be provided with a card, with a drawing of some of the decorations they will have to find in the frescoes, and with a map, where they will be able to trace the route they have taken, thus learning to orient themselves and recognise elements of the city, such as the walls and waterways. On the back of the leaflet, in a special space, each child will be able to create, at home, their own coat of arms, according to their imagination.

The visit is curated by Chiara Ciolfi, art historian, with the collaboration of Rossella Riscica and Chiara Voltarel, editors of the volume Treviso urbs picta. Frescoed facades of the city from the 13th to the 21st century: knowledge and future of a common good (Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga) and the related database.


Ticket for guided tour: 15 euros per family.

Recommended age: children aged 6 to 11.

Reservations required: T +39 0422 5121 (Monday-Friday 9-13/ 14-17),

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