InfoCamere inaugurates at the headquarters of Corso Stati Uniti a space for art dedicated to employees

Tagliavanti: This initiative is an important sign of the resumption of a journey that began a few years ago

Events - published on 18 May 2021
Source: InfoCamere press office
Padua, May 17, 2021 – InfoCamere – the company for digital innovation of the Chambers of Commerce – inaugurates at its headquarters in Corso Stati Uniti an exhibition space dedicated to art,
designed for its employees. The Gallery – this is the name chosen for the environment that will host the works on display – is located on the third floor of the headquarters, in the
evocative context of the suspended tunnel that connects the central body of the offices to the “bunker” where the Data Center from which the company (on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce) manages
information on all Italian businesses is kept.
This initiative is an important sign of the resumption of a journey that began a few years ago – says InfoCamere President Lorenzo Tagliavanti -. Especially in such a delicate
moment, companies must reconsider their spaces so that they become meeting places – albeit in complete safety – capable of offering continuous stimuli to the people who live in them. Today, sharing
workspaces acquires a different meaning than in the past: the office cannot and must not be just a place where people go to “carry out a task”, which with smart working they can also do from home.
But a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and values. And art – in particular street art which is an open and widespread form of expression – is one of the languages that best lends itself to
conveying the ideas and values of InfoCamere.
Starting today, the project called “INTER-NOS” will give body to the initiative, in strong continuity with the company’s commitment to enhance art – in particular Street Art – to communicate its
values. In recent years, in fact, InfoCamere has first characterized its headquarters in Padua and then that of Bari with works of art of large dimensions, created on the external walls by street
artists Alessio B, Zero Mentale and Joys.
The “INTER-NOS” project – which avails itself of the collaboration of Carlo Silvestrin, gallery owner and curator, who developed a similar experience for the Banca d’Italia in Via Roma – is
part of a path of communication of corporate values undertaken years ago by InfoCamere and centered on 4 pillars: attention to people (People), work environments (Place), technological platforms
(Platform) and sustainability (Planet).
The first exhibition – of a series of numerous exhibitions – will be dedicated to a young Paduan artist who signs ANY (acronym for About New York) whose works represent a personal vision of
the Big Apple. Using stencils and acrylics, Any – an artist trained in photography – manages to reinterpret New York by capturing and transforming its most iconographic symbols into
paintings, without ever losing sight of irony. Colades of color that “drown” the Manhattan skyline, dancers at the Opera House, are just some of the images that will be exhibited in the InfoCamere

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