Innovation dialogues on energy transition, 3rd appointment. Councillor Marcato, “with the new energy plan we will lead Veneto towards an effective energy transition”.

Economy - published on 18 April 2024

Source: Veneto Region press office

We have presented the new regional energy plan, which outlines the energy guidelines from now until 2030. It is a robust plan that aims to reduce emissions, increase the capacity to make energy from renewable sources, and bring Veneto into full energy transition. I repeat that there is no environmental sustainability without economic and financial sustainability. This is the matrix that has guided us in these two years of work, so we see the future of Veneto along these lines. We strongly believe in what we have written in this ambitious plan that envisages an investment of over 7 billion in resources. We have goals to achieve with important resources”.

These were the words of Regional Councillor for Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato at the third Dialogues for Innovation, dedicated to the topic of energy transition, held yesterday at the Venice Heritage Tower in Marghera. The councillor took the opportunity to speak about the new regional energy plan adopted by the regional government.

After having promoted the dialogues on the themes of the bio-economy and smart cities, the new event organised by the Veneto Region was dedicated to an in-depth look at the main regional actions in the field of energy transition, also with reference to the national framework.

Successful experiences of Veneto enterprises in the field of renewable energy technologies and good practices in energy consumption management were presented, broadening the view to some scenarios on the development of technologies and actions aimed at supporting the energy transition.

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