Inoxveneta’s external wall becomes a work of Street Art with the Progetto Giovani workshop

Alfonso Kratter, CEO of Inoxveneta SpA: About a year ago I thought I'd like to do something with young people. I thought about what I could offer the new generations to develop their creativity, engaging them concretely.

Events - published on 09 November 2021
Source: press office Inoxveneta SpA
Saturday 16th October, the official handover of the artwork in Via Mattei in San Giacomo di Veglia Inoxveneta’s outer wall becomes a work of Street Art with the Progetto Giovani workshop
Twenty young artists improve the outer wall of the company of Vittorio Veneto
Requalifying with Street Art, giving local young people the chance to express their talents and grow, on an educational level, as better citizens. This was possible thanks to the synergy
between the Progetto Giovani di Vittorio Veneto and Inoxveneta. The canvas, on which they could draw their own idea of the future, their own ideas of renewal, is the wall of the company located
in the industrial area of San Giacomo di Veglia, which also bore the costs necessary to create the work.
Saturday October 16th, the official delivery of the work, in the presence of the Councilor for Youth Policies of Vittorio Veneto, Antonella Caldart, Alfonso Kratter, CEO of
Inoxveneta, young people and representatives of the Progetto Giovani di Vittorio Veneto.
About twenty young aspiring artists, aged between 15 and 29, took part in the Street Art Workshop at the Centro Giovani Criciuma (Criciuma Youth Centre) in Vittorio Veneto, as part
of the “Creo, intraprendo, aiuto: ci sono” (I create, I undertake, I help: I am there) project – “Laboratori di Creatività (Creativity Workshops)” area of the Politeia youth policy intervention
plan, financed by the Veneto Region.
This magical experience was triggered by the idea, or rather the need to do something for young people, which came from the mind and heart of Alfonso Kratter, CEO of Inoxveneta SpA. Being
a market leader (in this case in the steel sector) does not only mean thinking in economic terms, but also being part of the territory and having a concrete dialogue with the community.
The art workshop that led to the redevelopment of a 110-metre wall (220 square metres) involved young people from the 28 towns in the Pieve di Soligo district of Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana. They had
the opportunity to express themselves through street art, which has become a cultural artistic expression worthy of attention, but also to live an educational and aggregative experience.
The creative regeneration of a city area has thus also become an opportunity to promote education in terms of citizenship and legality. During four practical meetings (starting on September
25th), the young artists gave new life to the Inoxveneta “wall with strokes” of acrylic paint using rollers and brushes, under the guidance of Mike 128 (Michele Peruch), a street
artist from Vittorio Veneto, an instructor and expert in this field. The four seasons of a forest (created with paint and spray) were painted on the wall, into which children’s figures (created
with stencils) were inserted. A work of great visual impact, but also emotional.
The municipal administration of Vittorio Veneto, through the Progetto Giovani (Youth Project), has been investing in street art for several years now, – says Councilor for Youth Policies
Antonella Caldart, – both as an engine for youth and social aggregation and as a tool for the redevelopment and renewal of public places and spaces.
However, with the project “The four seasons of the wall” we have taken a big step forward in this process, which involves us working alongside young people to encourage the acquisition of new
artistic skills on the one hand, and to promote education in active citizenship and legality on the other.
Thanks to the collaboration with Inoxveneta, for the first time street art has entered not only the social structure but also the business structure of the town, expressing a concrete message
of confidence in the new generations, their talent and creativity. My hope is that the enthusiasm that has accompanied the conception and creation of this work of art will be contagious and bring
other businesses in the industrial area closer to this artistic expression that can contribute not only to the cultural but also to the economic growth of our area.
About a year ago I thought I’d like to do something with young people, – says Alfonso Kratter, CEO of Inoxveneta SpA. – I thought about what I could offer the new generations to
develop their creativity, engaging them concretely.
This led to the idea of “donating” the wall around the factory, to make it a blank sheet of paper on which aspiring artists could express their emotions, their feelings and their view of the
future. And the graphic theme chosen by them and their tutors impressed and emotionally involved me. Doing all this in an industrial area I think is even more stimulating and educational.
The collaboration with the Progetto Giovani of Vittorio Veneto and the Municipality has made it possible to give new life to a wall that would otherwise be sad and anonymous. The result is
very satisfying.
When I was still in the embryonic stages of my idea, my attention was directed more towards the social aspects than the cultural and artistic ones. However, I realized once again that in order
to create “beautiful things”, you have to combine technical thinking with creative, humanist thinking. That allows us, as citizens and, in my case, as a businessman, to believe in innovative
ideas. I am delighted to be able to link the name of Inoxveneta to this project, which I hope will be taken as an example by other companies, to redevelop an industrial area like ours, which also
welcomes foreign users and to give young people the chance to draw their vision of the future.
Travelling constantly on the edge of innovation means travelling without forgetting that you are part of a community. The best projects are born from sharing.

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