Invitation to an information evening on the phenomenon of Organised Crime – Cristallo cinema, Oderzo|Thursday 04 November at 8 p.m.

With Dina Lauricella, journalist and author

Events - published on 28 October 2021
Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Oderzo-Motta
When we talk about organised crime and criminal infiltration we think of distant places, of situations that concern others.
In reality, this scourge is much more widespread and closer than you might think, often well-disguised and imperceptible.
With Dina Lauricella, a Palermo-born reporter, journalist, contributor to RAI television programmes and author of several books including “Il Codice del Disonore”, we will try to take a real
snapshot of the situation in our area.
With you we will try to understand how this reality tries to infiltrate our economic, financial and political world. In the hope of having you as a welcome guest, I extend cordial greetings.

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