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Promo - published on 01 June 2021

Source: The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce press office

Fostering connections and creating opportunities for our members have always been at the core of the Italy-America Chamber of
Commerce’s mission. As paradigms for doing business have shifted, the IACC has adapted and is committed to providing expertise, resources and programming to help its members adjust to the new
reality in which we all find ourselves. By skillfully leveraging technology we have created opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, allowing members to connect with and learn from
one another. For a complete listing of events and programs, please visit our website.
In order to take advantage of our programs, resources and vast professional network, I encourage you to consider joining the IACC today. For questions or to learn more about the benefits of
membership, please contact Deputy Executive Director Alice Biagini at (212) 459-0044. We look forward to welcoming you to the IACC network soon!

IACC Members Enjoy Exclusive Benefits Including:
Knowledge Building Webinars

Members have the opportunity to host webinars and share their knowledge and expertise. The IACC also partners with local agencies and sister chambers in the NAFTA area
to provide members with interesting content for their businesses.

Bespoke Introductions

Helping members make connections is one of the core missions of the IACC. Each of the three levels of membership offer a number of bespoke introductions to assist you in
expanding your network of contacts.

Thought Leadership Events

These yearly summits offer you the perfect platform to promote your brands as well as learn more about various industries from fellow leaders in the field. Members
receive discounted pricing to all Thought Leadership Events.

Member Talks

Knowledge is power, and we want to “share” your knowledge within our larger network of contacts to increase your visibility as well as advertise your skill set. This new
benefit offers members the opportunity to spotlighted in podcast-style interviews that are featured on the IACC’s platforms and can also be leveraged on your own
website and social media channels.

Complimentary Professional Networking Forums

We know how important it is to build a business network in order to achieve your company’s goals. That is why we have developed and partnered on several networking
initiatives such as
The Ripple
. Members are able to participate free of charge and connect with attendees that are members of LEAP and our sister chambers in the NAFTA area.

Member Promotions

Enjoy discounts on a variety of food, luxury and design products. Members can share special promotions within the network as well as reap the benefits from them!


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