Learn about the Companies that participated in “Ancient Professions of the Future” in Belluno

Economy - published on 23 January 2024


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites

“Ancient Professions of the Future”: a school orientation event-show aimed at students and parents was held in Belluno, attended by companies that illustrated innovations in the areas of traditional professions.

The initiative was promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti and aimed at students in the third classes of secondary schools. We thank the companies for their participation:

  • Ci.A.Gi. Compressori Srl (Mel – Borgo Valbelluna): Supply and service of compressed air production and treatment systems. With this company, we were able to learn how the functions of sales manager and technical maintenance manager are evolving, with a focus on issues of environmental sustainability and the use of digital technologies for remote customer service;
  • Dolomites Dream di Farenzena Lucia & C. S.A.S. – (Rocca Pietore): this is the company we chose to talk about tourism and how professions in tourism are changing, when you reinterpret the business of renting houses and apartments and make it the basis for designing tailor-made tourism experiences;
  • Falegnameria Hermann Di Hermann Sala & C. Sas (Taibon Agordino): here we talked about the ancient trade of the carpenter, but from the perspective of a company that makes custom and fine furniture, and told by two young people: a designer and, indeed, by those who then take care of the installation of the furniture;
  • Ikona Film, by Marco Recalchi (Feltre): In times when people think that just having a cell phone in your hand is enough to make a video, we chronicled the true craft of a video maker, whose professional life is divided between Feltre, Los Angeles and London. So many professions revolve behind a professional video. So many changes that are happening that it is good for families to know about;
  • Maricell (Longarone): It is another uniqueness of our area. It is among the 6 companies in the world, including 2 in Europe, that process polymeric materials for quite complex applications, such as “cores” of wind blades. Participants at the event were able to interact with the owner, chemical experts who have roles as research and development manager and industrial plant manager;
  • Thema Optical (Domegge di Cadore): finally, eyewear and the world of professions that revolves around it will be seen through the “lenses”-it’s appropriate to say- of this medium-sized company, located in Cadore, whose business model is all about custom-made eyewear and with the use of new digital technologies. Two young girls with profiles as opticians spoke, one working in the optical laboratory, the other in production.







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