Live Streaming event for the Province of Treviso on 10th February at 10.00 am for the Day of Remembrance

Events - published on 09 February 2021

Source: Province of Treviso press office

Speakers: Marcon, De Donà and Manesso
After the great success of the Remembrance Day event (over 2,500 views), the Province of Treviso is organising a live streaming event on the occasion of the Remembrance Day, 10th February
, created to commemorate the victims of the Foibe massacre and the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, which will be broadcast on the Province’s Facebook profile and YouTube channel.
The speakers will be the President of the Province of Treviso, Stefano Marcon, and the journalist and historian, Bruno De Donà. Then, it will follow a speech by Amerigo Manesso
of Istresco, who will present the contents of the publication “Un esilio non voluto” by Luisa Tosi. During the live broadcast, images provided by the “Sassi del Piave Association” will be
shown by Eros Tonini.

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