Loggia dei Cavalieri, from 28 June to 4 July / Museo di Santa Caterina, from 16 July to 31 August – #NOISIAMOTREVISO returns

Giovanni Vecchiato: #NOISIAMOTREVISO is not a photographic project but a social project carried out with the camera

Events - published on 15 June 2021


Source: press office Giuliamaria Dotto – pr, communication, events

28 June to 4 July – #NOISIAMOTREVISO is back, the initiative that aims to document and celebrate the image of Treviso through photographic portraits of its citizens, thus raising funds to be
donated to a charity, identified for this edition in the City of Hope Foundation based in Padua and in particular to the research and pediatric care supported by this Foundation.
The photographs will be taken under the Loggia dei Cavalieri from 28 June to 4 July. On 16 July the exhibition will be inaugurated at the Museo di Santa Caterina, which will remain
open until 31 August.
#NOISIAMOTREVISO is not a photographic project but a social project carried out with a camera, – explains photographer Giovanni Vecchiato, organiser and author of the event
sponsored by the Municipality of Treviso and supported by Banca Generali, Camminare per la Vita, a well-known annual event in Treviso organised by the Associazione Sciare per la Vita
Odv founded by Deborah Compagnoni and the events agency run by Giuliamaria Dotto Pagnossin.
The project will see the active involvement of citizens: this year, too, the students of the Liceo Artistico Statale of Treviso will be involved, as well as all the citizens who want to be
portrayed and be part of the exhibition. They will then dismantle the exhibition themselves, detaching and preserving their own photo.
Already in 2020 #NOISIAMOTREVISO was a great success with over 530 snapshots and we are sure that with the new theme, “Come with the one you love or bring your ego“, which focuses on
affection and love, it will be even more appreciated – says the Councillor for Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Municipality of Treviso Lavinia Colonna Preti. – The magic of the
photos on display at the Museo di Santa Caterina, with all the emotions of the people of Treviso “told” by Giovanni Vecchiato’s shots, will certainly attract many enthusiasts. This is a project
with a strong social value, which in its first edition was also a great success on social networks thanks to the protagonists’ desire to share and tell their stories, – concludes the
I would like this year’s #NOISIAMOTREVISO initiative to become an opportunity to meet, talk and explore. The theme will be “Come with who you love, or bring your ego” and will focus on
emotional ties. The project aims to document the truest relationships, such as those between children and parents, between siblings, between lifelong friends. Since people have entrusted their
mobile phones with the task of documenting every moment of their lives, they run the risk of making these moments ephemeral, whereas a professionally taken and printed photo is a permanent and
tangible memory, – Vecchiato explains.

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