Make your life a work of art: The New Visual Identity of Asolo Art Film Festival 2021

39th edition, event scheduled in Asolo from 24th to 27th June 2021

Events - published on 25 March 2021

Source: Asolo Film Festival press office

Wednesday 24th March 2021 – Out of Sarmede, “the land of the fairy tale”, comes the new visual identity of the 39th edition of Asolo Art Film Festival, scheduled for June 2021.
It is a drawing by Polish artist and illustrator Ola Niepsuj, chosen by Thomas Torelli, Artistic Director of AAFF 2021 to visually express the theme of the 2021 Festival Make
your life a work of Art
The selection was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the International Exhibition of Illustration for Children of Sarmede (TV) and in particular with its President Umberto di
, who has made available to AAFF a shortlist of works received in the last two years from authors around the world.
The selected image has been graphically elaborated by saglietti.branding+digital of Turin.
In this image, which summarizes the theme of the Festival 2021 “Make of your life a work of art – explains Thomas Torelli – I recognized those feelings of joy and hope that will
have to accompany us and future generations in the coming decades, fundamental to create that future that we all hope in which a new humanism and a greater consciousness of community as a human
race, not “owner” of planet Earth, but “belonging” to the system planet Earth, can be reborn.
In this image we find various elements that lead towards this wish.
There are three figures representing: our past – the adult, our present – the child, and nature – the dog, all facing to the right, looking forward, therefore, towards the future.
They are close to each other, they form a group, a community, but the adult, unlike the child and the dog, who are depicted walking, is still, as if he wanted to accompany them with his gaze
towards the future, as if to say “go ahead, I’ll stop here, I don’t want to carry my mistakes into the future”. The adult drawn with a small head, as if to symbolize his pain for the mistakes he
made, pushes the child, with a huge head full of revolutionary ideas, and his dog, to live their lives as works of art.
To crown it all we have the sun, the Festival’s historical logo, an eternal symbol of rebirth and hope that makes everything colorful, as in a sort of new spring that will lead to a summer of
peace and harmony.
The graphic style of the image is clearly futurist-inspired, recalling once again that hope in the future and in change, although based on decidedly different assumptions and tools, which animated
the first decades of the 20th century.
Asolo Art Film Festival 2021 thus launches a message of opposition to the homologation and gloom of the period, through the creative drive that Art infuses in all individuals.
It invites us to believe in the creative force that lies within each of us and that through the cathartic thrust of art can emerge making us find our true way, making our (only) life a work of art.
Event scheduled in Asolo from June 24 to 27, 2021.

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