Man and scholar, Gaetano Cozzi and the Benetton Foundation – Tuesday 23 November

Eleventh edition of Library meets

Events - published on 22 November 2021
Source: press office Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Tuesday 23rd November, 6pm – Treviso, Bomben spaces.
The meeting Man and scholar, Gaetano Cozzi and the Fondazione Benetton
concludes the eleventh edition of La biblioteca incontra, a cycle of events dedicated to enhancing the book and documentary heritage of the Fondazione Benetton.
Historian, scholar and man of extraordinary culture and refined intellectual sensitivity, university professor, Gaetano Cozzi played an important role in the conception of the study areas
and the construction of the scientific activities of the Benetton Foundation.
Gherardo Ortalli, director of the journal “Ludica. Annali di storia del e civiltà del gioco”, Andrea Zannini, University of Udine, Alessia Violo, archivist, and his niece
Elisabetta Cozzi.

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