Mario Pozza confirmed as President of Unioncamere Veneto

During the meeting, President Pozza drew up a balance sheet of the activities carried out in these three years, emphasising that there were three main lines of action that qualified this mandate.

Economy - published on 01 July 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
The President: after the health and economic emergency, we look to the recovery with confidence. The Chamber system is ready to open its work sites for the future
The Board of Unioncamere Veneto, which met at the Marghera headquarters to elect the president, reconfirmed Mario Pozza as president of the regional Association of Veneto Chambers of
and approved the budget.
Pozza, born on 27 October 1959, and newly confirmed by acclamation as president of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, vice-president of Unioncamere italiana and director of
Assocamerestero, will remain in office until spring 2024.
During the meeting, President Pozza drew up a balance sheet of the activities carried out in these three years, emphasising that there were three main lines of action that qualified this

the commitment to create a new synergic and collaborative relationship with the Veneto Region;

an even more pronounced openness to the European context, in order to seize the opportunities of Community funds as a resource for the entire economic system

the definition of a complementary and integrative role, with added value, with respect to the functions performed by the local Chambers of Commerce.

In his speech, President Pozza then referred to the crucial challenges that have
involved the Chamber system during his mandate.
The first was the implementation of the reform of the Italian Chamber system, which since the end of 2016 has brought about a profound transformation in terms of efficiency, cost and
function rationalisation, giving the organisation a renewed mission: that of being a recognised point of reference for businesses and the economic fabric of the region.
The second was the strong instability triggered by the Covid-19 emergency, which was inserted into an economic situation that was already marked by a strong slowdown and uncertainty, due to
trade tensions and the industrial recession.
President Mario Pozza reminded us that: Unioncamere Veneto has intervened decisively to support businesses and the local economic system in order to deal with the emergency, becoming in
some cases a real ambulance for businesses, but the first indicators of recovery confirm that the local economic system in Veneto has reacted well and is ready to start again.
As regards his reappointment, President Pozza said: I would like to thank my fellow chamber presidents and the members of the Board of Unioncamere Veneto for their reappointment, which
also expresses the compactness of the chamber system and the desire to guarantee businesses a body that works and operates for the development of the economic system of our region.
He then indicated some important objectives for the future: over the last two years, the Covid-19 emergency has been a central factor in Unioncamere’s activities, but we have never stopped
listening to and supporting businesses, and now we are ready to look forward to the recovery with confidence, opening up projects for the future. One of these is undoubtedly the PNRR, in which the
Chamber system wants to play a leading role and work as a team with other institutions, starting with the Region, to ensure that these resources reach the territories. The other issues that will be
crucial are those concerning economic development and competitiveness, internationalisation and European policies and, finally, an ever closer synergy between culture and enterprise and the growth
of the Chamber system as the institutional body of first reference for the business world.
These are ambitious challenges, but we want to pursue them alongside businesses, looking to the future and the development of the territory in a broad sense.

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