Mario Pozza, President of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, took part at the “Australia Day” and met the Australian ambassador in Italy – Greg French – and the consul general – Crispin Conroy, planning the next meetings to support further the already good business relations.

We report here below the speech of Mario Pozza, President of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, during the Australia Day.

Events - published on 02 February 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, Authorities,
His Worship Ambassador, Consul General

The Australia Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the economic and business cooperation between the two countries, but also to perpetuate the cultural and human relations.

A relationship made of countless experiences of several Venetian people who moved to such far country, which gave them the opportunity to express their entrepreneurship spirit, of which Veneto
Regions is so proud.

The Chamber of Commerce maintains strong contacts with Venetian people all around the world and nowadays, too, valuable young Venetians, they move to Australia because of job opportunities in
new market fields, such as technology and finance.

A contribution of our land that leads to a continuous exchange and reinforces the already excellent relations.
The economic and business relations are strengthening, and I hope that they could be more intense and become even stronger.

It is desirable to share further, in the future, the technology and industrial capacities of our companies. The same for the food farming sector, with its world-known excellences that
distinguish our territory.

I am very pleased about the commercial exchange rates towards Australia.

In 2015, export from Italy to Australia scored 3.573 Million Euros. Import from Australia amounts to 505,8 million Euros.
Focusing on Veneto Region, the export amount in 2015 reached 3.573 million Euros, and it represents the 13,75 % of the Italian total export to Australia.

Industrial machinery is at the top of the exported goods, with an amount of 121 million Euros.
At the second place we find household appliances, with an amount of 82,6 million Euros.
At the third place, goods of the other manufacturing enterprises with an amount of 61 million Euros: among them, jewelry and glasses. Belluno Province is a market leader in the glasses sector,
and I am very proud to represent it through the new established Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno.

Referring to the import of Veneto Region from Australia, the amount is 55 million Euros, in particular leather, steel industry and agriculture products.

Looking at the Treviso Province, where the marvelous complex of Castelbrando is located – and now I take the opportunity to congratulate Mister Colomban – the export rate toward
Australia amounts to 110,5 million Euros.

The most relevant product groups are: household appliances (36 million Euros), industrial machinery (25 million Euros), furniture goods (15 million Euros), metal products (6,7 million Euros),
motorcars (4,8 million Euros), leather goods (4,4 million Euros), beverages (3,6 million Euros) and food products (3 million Euros).

These are values represent a strong understanding, and I hope it will grow further.

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