Meet the Major International Conferences and Webinars in energy and environmental sector, ASEW 2021 – Virtual Edition 14-16 Oct 2021

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Major International Conferences and Webinars will be held in conjunction with ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2021 – Virtual Edition
ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2021 – Virtual Edition will be one of the most important online events of the year for those in the energy industry. The Virtual Edition will be held from 14-16
October 2021
. Running parallel to the marketplace and business matching activities are major international conferences related to technologies, innovations and solutions in renewable energy,
energy efficiency, environment protection, and electric vehicles.
Here are some of those major conferences and webinars:
Renewable Energy Asia International Conference 2021 – The conference will be delivered within a theme of “Clean Energy Transition for Post-COVID Resilience in ASEAN”. The conference expects
attendees to include researchers, officials from the private and public sectors, business developers, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. Speakers and panelists will be some of the world’s
leading specialists and experts in their field.
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ASEAN Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Conference 2021 – this will provide excellent opportunities to update on the latest situation for each of the ASEAN countries on the development of bioenergy and
bioeconomy. The conference has attracted the participation of researchers, the private sector, business developers and policy makers from all over ASEAN. It is an important platform for a
dialogue between academic and industrial scientists and technologists.
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Application of 3Rs and Environmental Policy – The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is a special economic zone in eastern Thailand. The EEC plays an important role as a regulatory sandbox in
uplifting the country’s competitiveness. With this development, the EEC will face the risk of water shortage and Environmental issues may increase as development gathers pace, giving rise to
the need for a comprehensive 3Rs and environmental policy for water demand management. This is a must attend conference for those businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors in the EEC, which it
will be hosted by Chulalongkorn University.
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The Potential of Integrated Urban Energy Systems – This seminar aims to discuss the importance and potential of energy efficiency, integrated energy solutions and energy transition. Energy
efficiency plays a vital role for cities to become carbon neutral by integrating energy systems. The seminar will provide knowledge to educate, inspire, and highlight some of the potential
positive impacts of energy-efficient and integrated energy solutions. The approach being taken involving energy planning and allowing all stakeholders to be a part of the process.
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iEVTech 2021 – The 6th International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference (iEVTech 2021) – Under the theme “Moving towards a carbon neutral society: Global cooperation in electric mobility”.
iEVTech is an international platform for professionals in the industry to network and share ideas on the future of EV technology. The conference will cover Policy and Trends, Energy Supply &
Storage Systems, Traction Motor & Drive Systems, Components, Charging Infrastructure, and more!
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For more information with virtual conferences and seminars, please contact Ms. Kaweeporn A. at
A Pre-Matching Service between interested buyers and exhibitors is available from 27 September to 16 October. Buyers can make appointments and block a time for online meetings during the
show dates. This service will help to save more time and maximize negotiation time and effectiveness of the meetings.
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