Meeting and conversation with Arrigo Cipriani.

Style and uniqueness, but above all the person at the centre of attention

Courses and conferences - published on 22 March 2024

Fonte: ufficio stampa Presidenza della Camera di Commercio di Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti


Belluno, 20 March 2024. At the Chamber of Commerce in Belluno, the President of Ascom Confcommercio Belluno and Chamber Councillor, Paolo Doglioni, welcomed Arrigo Cipriani, a well-known Italian entrepreneur and writer, owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice and around the world. The occasion was aimed at offering a direct dialogue on the secrets of successful world tourism with the students of the ITS Academy Turismo Veneto, a course hosted at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti.

The meeting provided a unique opportunity for the area and the ITS Academy students to explore and listen to the story of a lifetime, the choices and style formats that have made Harry’s Bar unique in the world. Through the dialogue and experiences shared by Cipriani, the importance of spirituality and hospitality towards the guest according to high quality standards, but with great style and personalisation, emerged. In this regard, he invited young people to read, to study, because what may now be considered of little use will become fundamental for what one wants to undertake in the future.

The event is part of the programme of the ITS Academy Turismo Veneto at the Chamber of Commerce premises.

ITS Turismo Veneto,’ informs Regional Councillor Elena Donazzan, ‘on the occasion of the Olympics, we wanted to build a course dedicated to the highest level of training for major events, taking the Olympics as its starting point.

The Olympics generate legacies that will be a point of reference over time, and to be such we need the best trainers of those who have made the history of tourism in Veneto. We are therefore honoured that Arrigo Cipriani, who is innovation in the field of communication and hospitality quality, has decided to be our trainer of excellence, a great opportunity for young people and for our ITS.

I am truly delighted,’ says Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza, ‘with this important opportunity that has created a bridge and given young people the experience of a unique person. I met and talked with the entrepreneur and writer Arrigo Cipriani, a great pride for the Veneto region, but above all for Italy in the world as an ambassador of the cuisine, style, and quality of being Italian, and of offering a welcome in garrisons around the world recognised by all for their exceptional beauty, harmony, elegance, and uniqueness. I would like to thank Confcommercio President and Chamber of Commerce Councillor Doglioni for accompanying Dr. Arrigo Cipriani at this important meeting, which is part of the look towards quality tourism that we are tackling first and foremost by hosting the young people of the ITS Academy Turismo Veneto in the company house, who will be the witnesses and protagonists of our promotion in the world while waiting for Milan Cortina 2026.

In a particularly significant moment for the reality of Belluno,’ says Ascom Confcommercio Belluno President Paolo Doglioni, ‘which is preparing to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the emphasis on excellence in hospitality and territorial promotion becomes crucial, to ensure a successful experience for all national and international guests.

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