Meeting between Unioncamere Veneto and the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo: an operational meeting to promote trade and create opportunities for enterprises

Economy - published on 23 September 2021

Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office

21 September 2021 – There is a desire to consolidate the relationship between Kosovo and the Veneto economic system and to build new opportunities for companies in the Veneto Region,
especially for exporting machinery and technology in the agricultural sector.
As a confirmation of this synergy, some cooperation projects are already being worked out in order to foster trade exchanges between the two areas. These are the main aspects that characterised
the meeting held at Venice Promex in Marghera
between the President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, Lendita Haxhitasim, and the
Consul General of Milan, Adrian Andreja.
Representatives of Coldiretti and Confagricoltura Veneto were also present. The meeting was held at the headquarters of Venice Promex, the agency of the Veneto Chamber system dedicated to
internationalisation, in order to underline the focus of the meeting on trade relations between Veneto and Kosovo, particularly in the world of agriculture.
The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, reiterated: – the importance of cooperation between institutions to try to create opportunities for companies going abroad and support
them in the path of internationalization. In this context, Kosovo is a country that has significant development potential and therefore represents a market for the local entrepreneurial fabric that
needs to be monitored. We want to build a continuous and constant dialogue with these territories, considering that many of our country’s workers, especially in the construction and agricultural
sectors, come from Kosovo and are perfectly integrated into the local economic fabric.
In his speech, President Pozza then recalled that the Kosovan community had donated around 11,000 euros to the Veneto Region during the Covid-19 emergency to help combat the virus: – an
important signal that bears witness to the integration of our community.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, Lendita Haxhitasim, who chose Veneto for his first official visit, stressed the importance of further deepening exchanges between the State of
Kosovo and the Veneto Region in economic sectors of mutual interest, thus building increasingly solid and consolidated relations.
At the end of the meeting between the two delegations, it was decided to draw up, in the short term, some operational projects on which to collaborate that will be drafted by the
staff of Venice Promex
and that will concern, in particular, trade in agricultural products and machinery with the possibility of exploiting the resources of the European Union in the field of

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