Metalworking sector in difficulties

Fall in production Triches, metalworking industries section: 'Worrying trend for the country system, tools are needed to stimulate investment. Government and Europe give certainty'

Economy - published on 21 June 2024

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti

Belluno, 4 June 2024 – “The economic data are worrying: alone, the resilience of our companies, starting with those in Belluno, is not enough. Institutions, both national and EU, must urgently intervene by supporting the digital transition underway: new tools are needed to stimulate investment. The engineering sector – strategic for the country and for our territory – is in danger of suffering. Government and Europe must give certainty to the business world: only in this way can we plan in the medium and long term‘.

This was – said by Enrico Triches, president of the metalworking industry section of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti – on the sidelines of the presentation and dissemination – in recent hours – of Federmeccanica’s economic survey, which shows a drop in industrial production activity of 2.1% between the first quarter of 2024 and the last quarter of 2023. The figure rises to 4.1 per cent when looking at the first quarter of last year.

The outlook itself is not good: one third of the respondents declare a ‘worsening’ order book.

It is a trend that also affects the Belluno area, despite the fact that our companies demonstrate greater solidity and an extraordinary capacity to respond,” Triches emphasises. “But we cannot always do everything alone, especially in the face of increasingly strong competitors – from China to the US – and deep geopolitical crises. First the conflict in Ukraine and then the one in the Middle East with the tensions in Suez, are making themselves felt with negative repercussions on supply chains’.

“To this must be added a still high cost of credit,” underlines Triches, who adds his voice to that of Federmeccanica: “We need an industrial policy capable of freeing and stimulating investment, a true 5.0 package, with ad hoc financial instruments. The knot must be untied as a matter of urgency before triggering a recessionary spiral for the country system and therefore – in cascade – in the individual territories’.

“The Belluno metalworking and mechatronics industry, in particular, must be put in a position to preserve its excellence. We have a vocation for innovation, but innovation can only be done by planning. Once this long campaign is over, we must move from words to deeds – Triches concludes-.

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