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Women, work and family: in Treviso a roadmap towards equal opportunities has been drawn up

Economy - published on 29 March 2022
Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
At the Chamber of Commerce, the current picture of light and shade in the Veneto region and the programmatic requests for greater equality.
Treviso, March 28, 2022 – Greater equality and support of cultural and operational processes for the reconciliation of life and work, whether self-employed, dependent or entrepreneurial,
through more inclusive development policies and better welfare tools to ensure freedom, autonomy, fulfillment and personal growth for every woman and ensure a sustainable future for communities
and businesses. This is, in essence, the roadmap outlined Monday, March 28 in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Piazza Borsa in Treviso at the conference “Towards
equal opportunities in business and work. Supporting cultural and operational processes for greater equality
” in the presence of the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Elena
Urgent, concrete and timely. These are the instances for greater equality that emerged during the event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno, the Forum of Family
Associations of Veneto and Unioncamere Veneto
, supported by analysis and interventions that, data in hand, have put the lens point by point on critical issues, needs and prospects of the
world of women’s work in the Veneto
, in the context of national policies and the socio-economic crisis related to the pandemic.
The entrepreneurial fabric and the world of work in the Veneto in the picture taken by Federico Callegari for the Studies Office of Unioncamere Veneto in a world economic panorama on which
the effects of the war in Ukraine are looming. A scenario in which regional macro-areas will once again be important, strengthened in various ways. From energy autonomy to defense, from
self-contained value chains to a strong political and cultural identity that is at the same time capable of inclusion. New visions under construction to which it is desirable that women can offer
a decisive contribution precisely in a perspective of inclusion and cooperation.
Valentina Cremona, Member of the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities, investigated the support tools for a more sustainable and inclusive growth for women’s businesses in
Veneto, including critical issues, needs and macro trends. Women-led businesses represent 20% of the total number of companies in Veneto, 67% of which operate in the
tertiary sector. Businesses hard hit by the pandemic, and at the same time of vital importance for the socio-economic fabric: activities close to people, which guarantee their well-being
and quality of life, in search of a balance in the relationship between equal opportunities and development.
Focus on women workers and the reconciliation of life times in the speech of Igor Bonatesta, Organizational Secretary UIL Veneto, representing CGIL-CISL-UIL Veneto. Urgent and
current theme, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, has seen the birth of an English neologism, She-cession. Women are the main victims of the social and economic upheaval caused by the
global effects of the pandemic. A gender crisis, if we consider that the most affected sectors – such as childcare, education or tourism – are the same in which women make up the majority of
At the end of the meeting, Minister Elena Bonetti illustrated “the programmatic requests of women for women” aimed at removing the obstacles to thinking about the future in terms
of work and support to entrepreneurship. From the recognition of work as a priority area of female realization, to the implementation of tools to encourage the harmonization of work with family
needs, to the search for new forms of hourly flexibility appropriately linked to adequate compensation to allow the reconciliation of private and family life.
Harmonization of family life and work time, sharing policies, strengthening and integration of fiscal and welfare tools – the words of Elena Bonetti, Minister for Equal
Opportunities and the Family – are the key terms of what we are concretely carrying out in a unified design. A revolution for true gender equality, for the competitiveness of women’s work
and the centrality of families, with the fundamental collaboration of employer associations, trade unions and representatives of families within the Third Sector, in order to globally rethink
the integrated system of services, active policies for female workers, incentives for companies and tax tools for the benefit of families. A systemic action, from the PNRR to the
Family Act, which recognizes women as protagonists of investment policies and agents of change and development for everyone.
The issue of women’s work is central to the history of this country and the communities that make it up – the comment of Adriano Bordignon, President of the Forum of Family
Associations of Veneto – Too often the quality, quantity, stability, compatibility, remuneration, of the work offered and guaranteed to women are at risk. At the dawn of 2022, we need to
take action for clear reasons of civilization, justice, freedom, investment and growth. In this context, it is also necessary to invest in the reconciliation of work and life times and in the
construction of an adequate system of territorial services and welfare tools so that women are not forced to choose between work and family. All this is up to us: individuals, families,
workers, intermediate social bodies, administrators and legislators.
The theme of equal opportunities – says Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto and of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno – is a very important
element also for our companies. In our economic fabric there are many women who play a leading role and, in general, with their professionalism and competence they give an important value to
the activities they carry out at every level. For this reason, it is necessary to find the tools to promote equal opportunities by identifying those paths that allow women to make their
contribution within companies. And today’s meeting is not a point of arrival, but a starting point that underlines Veneto’s ability to work as a team and to focus on an aspect that is
strategic for the future.

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